Will Calcium Supplementation Increase The Risk Of A Heart Attack?

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A concern for those using testosterone boosters which contain calcium…

A current study released by the John Hopkins School of Medicine, Maryland, USA has uncovered that there may be an increased risk to the heart if someone supplements calcium too much.


Many people use calcium supplements to strengthen bones and it can be used to help increase testosterone levels.

The problem with too much calcium is that it can build up within the heart and causing problems as a result.

Due to this build up of calcium the heart becomes less efficient at it’s job, almost like trying to breathe with half of your mouth covered.

This condition is called Atherosclerosis, it is a process whereby plaques harden which is a cause of stroke and death. This is associated with the calcium supplements due to their concentrated nature.

Furthermore, a build up of calcium within the arteries can lead to heart attack among some people.

The result of the research suggests that calcium intake should be limited to foodstuffs rather than supplements such as dairy products, cereals, tofu, dried fruit and leafy vegetables which seem to be overlooked.

In fact it seems that in the US alone nearly 50% of all men and women use a calcium supplement.


However, there are alternative ways to avoid osteoporosis without the need for a concentrated calcium supplement.

One of which is plenty of exercise, including weight lifting to maintain a healthy body weight is a great way to ensure prevention.

Getting some sunshine to your skin (safely) is also a good way for your body to absorb the calcium from foods. Or you can consume food high in vitamin D such as oily fish, red meats, liver and egg yolks.

Let’s not also forget that smoking and a high levels of alcohol intake as also a cause of osteoporosis.

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