11863436_10156197161700160_6314395660011174631_nHi, welcome to testosteronejunkie.com, I am going to tell you a little about myself and why I created this website and how it may help you.

It was not until I was about 23  that I started to really ‘get into’ working out in a commercial gym, two of my mates were members of the local fitness first so I decided to join them.

Prior to living in London I used to have a bench and weights (although not the Olympic standard) in my parents’ garage and was benching 264lbs/120kgs amongst a few other exercises, however, I didn’t really know what I was doing or what my aims were.

Therefore, upon entering my local gym for the first time I naturally hit the bench and made some good gains and under the guide of my friends I started to train regularly.

I noticed that there were many machines in this gym, yet the free weights section was fairly limited; being naïve and copying the biggest guys (who were always there) I decided that these were the way forward.

InstagramCapture_88725439-f3c3-4eca-8ec4-2aafc91571e6It wasn’t until a couple of years later down the line when I realised I had been going wrong; I looked in shape, I was pretty strong and had started using supplements yet I had stagnated, I kept hitting this wall.

It was upon meeting a former power lifter in his mid 40’s from Wales that I started to really learn and take an interest in researching what I should really be doing and what is essentially a load of bullshit.

Since that point I started to change my routines, my ethos and my potential.

My aim here is to cut the crap out, help you steer clear of all the nonsense, the marketing B.S, the gimmicks, the trends that come and go and put you on a tried and tested trajectory for growth.


I will touch upon the following:

  • Exercises and Techniques
  • Supplements
  • Routines
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Lifting Lifestyle


Pages are released frequently so keep an eye out for the latest material on here and on my facebook page, you can also follow me on twitter, instagram, Linkedin and Google+ or have a laugh at my videos on the YouTube channel.


DISCLAIMER: All posts, pages and content is written by myself with my own independent views and experiences of products, training programs, and nutrition.

All product reviews are based on my experiences, trials, testing and publicly available scientific studies – links to the sources are provided.  

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