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The editor of testosteronejunkie.com playing rugby

The editor is Ben Bunting.

Ben is currently 34 years old and has been involved in fitness since the age of 6 when he started playing for Chesterfield Rugby Union Football Club (now the Chesterfield Panthers).

Rugby took him on playing tours as far flung as Hong Kong and Australia which gave Ben a great insight in to team work, honesty, respect, pride and camaraderie.

While at school (Mount St. Mary’s College) Ben was an active 1stXV rugby player, participated in the cricket teams, was a member of the athletics team and also involved himself in the Combined Cadet Force.

One comment that stuck forever within Ben’s mind came from the 1stXV coach who stated that fitness will win games: Fitness can surpass talent and ability.

He embarked on gaining qualifications in physical studies and entered higher education at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) to graduate with a Bachelors degree in 2005.Condor Pista fixed gear bike in paris veloscenic

He has been a keen gym goer since his early twenties and took an interest in training techniques and how to build long term muscle growth. This then spawned a further interest in supplements and their effectiveness.

Ben has recently joined the British Army Reserve to further develop his fitness and experience adventure training with a view to become a PTI.

Recently Ben rode the Veloscenic route which involves a 450km bicycle ride from Paris to Mont St-Michel. He completed it on a brake-less fixed gear bicycle.

Ben’s aim of this site is to offer a free resource whereby there are reviews of nutrients and products to expose the benefits by studying scientific research trials utilizing his proven abilities to assimilate information.


Nicola Joyce is a contributing writer for TestosteroneJunkie.com amongst other publications. Nicola is a member of the National Union of Journalists plus a member of the Fitness Writers Association.

Nicola helps by lending her extensive experience of competing in natural and amateur bodybuilding contests holding two amateur world titles, triathlons, power lifting and even swimming the English Channel a couple of times – no easy feat.



jason james personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder

Jason James is a self trained natural bodybuilder competing in the UKBFF and has a Bachelors degree from the University of Bedfordshire. He found his way in to fitness through rehabilitation following a sporting injury while playing semi-professional soccer.

He prides himself on being consistent and doing so maintains a off season 90kg body weight with just 10% body fat.

However, not content with self-training he decided that he wanted to help others, in doing so he qualified as a personal trainer attaining the REPS level 2 and 3 grade. He went further to add REPS levels 4 which is an advanced level personal trainer qualification and has also now achieved his level 1 CrossFit qualification. Thus Jason provides certified content for our readers.


Sabrina Coates is a bikini fitness competitor and a UK ambassador for Cellucor.

Sabrina has also represented the United Kingdom for the Mr. Olympia model search.

However, her advice and fitness regime is not without qualification…

Sabrina is a level 3 personal trainer having worked for a number of well known fitness gyms in the past and now works for a global pharmaceutical development company (PPD) as a safety administrator.

You can keep up to date with Sabrina’s fitness journey here and watch her many helpful workout videos as well as see some great recipes.

picture of Lee Whitmore for Chesterfield panthers rugby

Lee Whitmore is a self confessed rugby fanatic, and, living up to his title of the ‘oracle’, it would be difficult to find anyone with more of a knowledge of rugby union.

He has been playing for the Chesterfield Panthers since the age of 9, played for his county of Derbyshire and toured to the Southern Hemisphere with the best players from the three counties of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

Lee currently plays for Chesterfield and has his hand in the coaching and development of the younger teams. Any articles revolving rugby union are covered by Lee.



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All posts, pages and content is written by myself or contributors with our own independent views and experiences of products, training programs, and nutrition.

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