Welcome to www.testosteronejunkie.com, this site spawned from basically just wanting an online presence more than anything. A little corner from me to rant and rave.

In the end, it has allowed me to really dig deep in to areas of interest which ranges from supplements and their ingredients, nutrition, workouts, ‘lifting lifestyle’ videos and commentary or anything related, while not withstanding my latest additions…cars.


I guess, if you are here, you may be interested to know a little about me and why I really have become an online voice for all things weightlifting related.


To try and be a bit of a guiding light for you, the reader.

You may be new to lifting weights, you may well actually be quite experienced and a veteran, but you may also be looking for a little bit advice about a supplement that you are not too sure about.

Here, you will find reviews about all sorts of supplements, however, I specialize in the following:

  • Testosterone Boosters
  • Fat Burners
  • Nootropics
  • Pre Workouts 

This way, you can save time and money by avoiding the products that do not offer any benefit and will waste your hard earned money yet effortlessly discover the ones that work.

It also means you will not have to research every individual supplement and their ingredients – let me do that, if I haven’t already.  

This way, you can take the shortcut to:

  • Killer abs – Torch the fat and get that cover model look
  • Huge slabs of lean muscle – The masculine physique you’ve dreamed of
  • Improve performance – Lift more weight and be faster
  • Increase brain function – Be more focused and lift brain fog
  • Shorten recovery times – Get back in the gym quicker
  • A return of your libido – No more sexual embarrassment
  • Fell better and more confident  – Get back in to your stride

Why, though?

The reason this site really exists is down to the rocky path I have personally experienced while trying to gain muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

It’s still a journey that I am on now.

As I have aged I noticed how it was taking more time to recover, how I ached, how I was becoming exhausted and noticed how difficult it was to participate in sports, hold down a job and still make gains in the gym.

I also know how difficult it is to make substantial strength and experience a good physique for then work commitments or an injury knock you a number of rungs on the ladder.


When you first start lifting weight or exercising, you so notice quite rapid changes.

Your personal best lifts get smashed and you are forever gaining momentum and then…it slows down.

Your excitement and enthusiasm can start to wane and you lose confidence in yourself or the gym.

This then can either lead to giving up completely or hitting performance enhancing drugs that are generally illegal, not to mention potentially dangerous.

I personally started using more and more supplements, but nothing I chose or spent my money on seemed to have any benefit.

I felt like throwing in the towel.

However, I decided to start doing a bit of research…

I love cars, and I constantly buy and sell them, but before I throw my money down on something I do a good bit of research to find out what the risks are and the benefits.

I mistakenly took it for a given that supplements were all regulated, but they are not.

I soon started to realize that many supplements on the market contain nothing but unproven or even unresearched ingredients with their supposed effects based on nothing more than ancient rumor or folklore at best!

If you were told that the blood of a python was used to protect your own child’s health because it was used in ancient China, would you give it to them if there was no contemporary research or proof available?

No! Yet, this is what goes on and in to masses of supplements available to buy from a shop or online.

There’s too many supplements available that simply have no positive effects on your development or are potentially dangerous to your health.

I started to wonder why I wasn’t researching the products I was ingesting like I was research cars to buy.

So, I made a change and started to document my own research and personal tests.

What’s different about me?

If you go on an online marketplace such as Amazon for instance, you will see lots of different reviews for the products sold.

However, many are fake and many are by people that have not even looked at the ingredients panel.

They have just bought in to the hype of a product without any research.

This is where I am different, I research every single ingredient then I post the URL for that piece of evidence from a reputable source such as a University or a government research department.

I am not sponsored by anyone or a company so I will only recommend something that stacks up research wise and how it effected my progress.

I actually use the products. You can check out the highest rated supplements.

Plus, I am a real guy. I am not hiding behind a pseudonym or behind a fake picture, this is me, Ben and I’m nearly 34.

I even document my other experiences with equipment, cycling, rugby, cars, trips to places that are relevant, injuries, drinking booze and even my cat.

Oh, and I also have a career in commercial property. So when I say I understand about the stresses and pitfalls or set backs people experience in daily life, I know about them because I face them myself.

What to expect?

This is a small unit, just me. So, there will not be masses of articles constantly updating you about the latest trends or fads seen in the gym then end up 12 months later on the home shopping channels.

I’m not about that.

I am about striving to find the products that work so myself you others can get that edge and help improve overall physical and mental performance even if your only competition is yourself.

I will write about research pieces and anything that is related to weightlifting, fitness and performance because I hope it can help steer you in the right direction, not to mention myself.

So, be safe in the knowledge that if I am recommending something be it a product, a way to increase natural hormone production, a workout or just the best way to take certain nutrients and with what for maximum effect, it is because I do that myself.

If you’re interested, here’s a further bit about me…


Basically, I have always been quite an active person. Running my parents ragged as a young child and either screaming around on my blue BMX, running around in fields near to my childhood home and watching huge excavating diggers from tree’s…

My childhood school reports always said the same thing, pretty much from the age of five until 18, “…has the ability but too busy talking and being disruptive…”

My best friend when I was about seven or eight asked if I wanted to play rugby at the local club. He was always that bit bigger than me, he was taller, bigger built and stronger.

I waded right in, and ended up playing rugby until I was 19.

During my rugby playing youth I ended up going to school for six days per week, playing every Saturday and then playing every Sunday for my local club.

At school I also participated in the Army Cadet Force they had there too which I loved.

So, while playing rugby and running around in camouflage, naturally this tied in well with fitness and weight lifting.

Which saw me weigh in around 185lbs at 5’9″.

After having scraped enough graded together to go to university, my hectic week and weekends of rugby and training turned in to partying…

Rugby and pretty much any activity other than being with friends down the pub or dragging my sorry ass to lectures finished.


After two years of being at uni and very occasionally going to a gym, I felt like I had had enough. I was drinking partying almost every night and I needed to graduate.

I wasn’t in good shape either. I wasn’t fat but my muscle was gone and I just had no strength at all, I didn’t feel great at all.

So, while in my third and final year at university I bought some of those push-up bars.

Even 10 push ups was difficult. I had to start at three sets of five push ups. This was depressing.

However, I persevered and just about graduated from university too…

Professional Life

I ended up London soaking up the party atmosphere and trying to eek out a professional career in property.

I had brought the trusty push-up bars with me and had got to the point whereby I was doing ten sets of one hundred!

Realizing that I cannot really develop my all round body strength base don push ups alone and clearly becoming quite dedicated the next obvious step was joining a gym.

Essentially this opened me up to a whole new world of supplements, fitness guides, clothes blah blah blah.

It was also a period where supplements all of a sudden become mainstream. I personally at never noticed adverts on train or buses or bill boards proclaiming the virtues of protein shakes and diet pills.

Then it was a case of where do you turn for workout plans, which supplements work, how do you chose them, recovery time etc.

The first supplement I ever bought was Maximuscle Cyclone, orange flavor.

Then it lead on to buying Tauro Test which was a testosterone booster.

Next on the list was a pre workout from BSN called N.O Xplode.

The purchases became more and more elaborate based purely on having a bit of disposable income and what ever the advert for each product stated.

Workout regimes become nothing more than copying whatever the biggest guys in the gym were doing.

I made a bit of progress as you do when you first start and I seem to have genes that can pack on a bit of muscle fairly easily.

However, things began to stall, but a chance meeting of a guy who was a bit older steered me in to taking more of an interest in to what I should be doing and what I should be looking for from a supplement.

This took me away from hitting the machines in the gym and focusing on compound exercises as well as researching any supplement I was going to buy to see just exactly what is in it and how effective they are.


I left London and headed North, back home.

I got a squat rack, a barbell, Olympic plates and other accessories that could fit in my garage.

I had started to make good progress with the weight lifting up to 550lbs on the deadlift and 352lbs on the InstagramCapture_88725439-f3c3-4eca-8ec4-2aafc91571e6bench.

I couldn’t be happier.

I felt fit and strong enough to get back in to rugby so ended up playing for my local team again enjoying three good seasons of competitive rugby.

However, age, a busy schedule and heavy lifting started to take their toll on my body.

Injuries became more and more frequent and the recovery time getting longer and more drawn out.

My lifting started to become hampered by niggles such as tendinitis, broken foot near monthly bouts of concussion and other issues.

I then noticed what is known as the andropause. I identified the symptoms that are so commonly associated with depleting levels of natural testosterone and started to look in to ways of alleviating the symptoms.

Essentially, now I am trying to re-focus and get back on track with my lifting. I currently have a Powertec work bench in the basement of my house.

I had learnt a lot from reading books on lifting, about technique and even basics about nutrition and diet and physiology.

My obsession over what is included in supplements has lead me on a rabbit hole of research papers and scientific information to ensure my money is not being wasted.


My aim here is to cut out the crap, help you steer clear of all the nonsense, the marketing B.S, the gimmicks, the trends that come and go and put you on a tried and tested trajectory for growth.

I will touch upon the following:

  • Exercises and Techniques
  • Supplements
  • Routines
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Lifting Lifestyle

Pages are released frequently so keep an eye out for the latest material on here and on my facebook page, you can also follow me on twitter, instagram, Linkedin and Google+ or have a laugh at my videos on the YouTube channel.

DISCLAIMER: All posts, pages and content is written by myself with my own independent views and experiences of products, training programs, and nutrition.

All product reviews are based on my experiences, trials, testing and publicly available scientific studies – links to the sources are provided.  

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