Top 3 Best Nootropics

 The Best Nootropics

We find the best performing nootropic supplements.

Does each day feel like you are either wading through water or your mind is foggy?

Does it seem to take forever to recall names, figures or even what task you are trying to complete?

Do You Want The Benefits Of An Optimized Brain?

A good, well research nootropic can unlock 100% of your brain power instead of you just running on 50%.

Good nootropics can improve processing power, memory recall, repair brain cells and protect against factors that can cause brain aging while clearing toxins and increase clarity with focus.

You Can Effectively, Legally and Safely Improve Cognitive Function

Top 3 Nootropics

#1 Mind Lab Pro

*Best On The Market*

#2 Noocube

#3 Nootrolux

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Suitable For Professionals, students, drivers…everyone Everyone Everyone
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#1 – Mind Lab Pro


The No.1 Nootropic on the market.


Mind Lab Pro is proven to:

  • Improve processing power
  • Optimizes 6 brain pathways
  • Increases overall cognitive function

Mind Lab Pro is a great product with a plethora of working (100% natural) ingredients supported by research and studies.

  • 11 researched and proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Third party quality testing in TX, USA.
  • Universal, full brain supplement

Myself plus thousands of other guys use this to increase cognitive function to help improve work, study and even play sport.

Take a closer look at the results in my review.

Head straight to their website:

#2 – NooCube

The No.2 Nootropic available.


NooCube will:

  • Better neural power
  • Increase mental edge
  • Improves memory process

This is packed with ingredients and there is no proprietary blend either meaning we know exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

  • No proprietary blend
  • 9 ingredients
  • Can help reduce inflammation, free radicals and increase learning speed

Read my review here.

You can head straight over to their website:

#3 – Nootrolux


The No.3 Nootropic available.


Nootrolux will:

  • Promote well-being
  • Relieve stress
  • Improves memory

This is packed with ingredients and there is no proprietary blend either meaning we know exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

  • No proprietary blend
  • 9 ingredients
  • Can help reduce anxiety and depression

Read my review here.

You can head straight over to their website:

 The Best Nootropics Trialed And Used By Myself

UntitledIt maybe that you have started to notice more effort required to remember and process information, always blaming it on the “I’ve always been terrible with names” line? Don’t worry it isn’t only you.

You may feel that after a full days work and now you have to study but nothing is sinking in and quickly flicking over to look on Facebook seems more important that studying for that assignment in order to get that qualification.

Or even work itself seems a long, drawn out affair and trying to multitask just isn’t working. With the promotion slowly slipping out of reach what can you do?

Nootropics are a great way to restore your brain’s processing power. Nootropics are products that help stimulate and increase cognitive function, with particular focus on executive functions, memory, focus, creativity and motivation.


Can A Nootropic Help You?

Do you lose focus and your does your mind seem to wander off thinking about other matters? When people ask you a question at work are you hit with a blank mind?

Memorymindlab pro benefits

Recalling facts and figures on the spot can become difficult and embarrassing.

Or meeting people time after time and still forgetting their names.

Forgetting to do a task you literally was just thinking about?


Do everyday mental tasks seem like you are walking through a foggy forest?

It’s all just a bit to hard to focus on a particular task and you start thinking about something else and you do not feel like you are firing on all cylinders?


Does everything feel like too much to process?  Feel mentally drained halfway through a night-shift or when you are to see your next client or even patient? Losing clarity and concentration whilst driving that 18 wheeler across state?

Heritage Counts for Nothing?

There are many supplements from many well established ‘traditional’ healthcare and drug brands on the market which can cloud your judgment by offering hugely different ingredients.

Yet, the market is awash with products from famous, long standing brands that almost seem not to be bothered with the content of their supplements.

This is because their name and heritage alone sells itself, regardless of performance.

The Right Ingredients

Clinical studies and research has identified a select number of ingredients which have proven, when combined in the correct ratios will help your brain get all of the nutrients required for optimal function.

Proprietary Blend?

What is remarkable are the sheer number of products available in stores or on-line that do not include any of these identified proven ingredients and instead rely on anecdotal ‘evidence’ as well as masking the real ingredient levels with a proprietary blend.

A proprietary blend enables the supplement manufacturers to essentially conceal the amount of each ingredient included in that product.

That means you may only be buying a supplement containing mere trace amounts saving the company lots of money and wasting your time and efforts.

Bulking agents don’t cost as much as D-Aspartic Acid…

These products need to be avoided.


An additional consideration is the legality and safety of some products.

I have tested a huge amount of supplements and on a good number of occasions there have been instances where synthetic chemical compounds are included.

These can not only be illegal in some countries/states but also feature on the banned substance list; if you play sport this could ruin your career or any future aspirations, not to mention the health implications.

Region of Manufacture

Patriotism aside, where would you like your supplements to be manufactured?

Supplements are going to be digested in your body, there is a high level of trust involved. You want the facility where it is manufactured to be clean and safe. You want good manufacturing practices to be adhered to.

You do not want contamination from other ingredients and you want to ensure that what you are taking contains what is on the label.

Therefore, naturally, you want your supplements to be manufactured in a responsible and regulated region.

This would be North America, Europe or places like Australia. Stringent rules, laws and regulations enforced ensure the safety of your health.

Do not be tempted by supplements that ‘offer’ the same but are manufactured in other places that are notoriously less regulated and do not strive or not renowned for quality control.

So, through thorough research and my own real life physical testing I have found out which ones actually perform and what are worth you hard earned cash.


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