Here at we not only want to help you find the best supplements but also plan and achieve the body of your dreams.

As a way of thanking you for visiting us, we have devised two free workout plans built by a qualified personal trainer.

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Get Your Free Workout Routine Plans

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Here at we want to give you something back, for FREE.

How does a free full body workout plan sound?

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or a novice. Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance or break free from a stale routine.

This way you do not have to ask ‘that’ guy from the gym or suffer fools on forums dishing out advice that may not be suitable.

Plus, there’s two plans available.

One that is specifically designed for men and another for women.

However, do not let that put you off using both. Go crazy!

And, just because it is free do not think we have just cobbled a few routines and movements together or copied other plans because we haven’t.

Each plan has been carefully devised by a qualified personal trainer and natural amateur bodybuilding competitor.

Meet Your PT

COACH JAY devised your free workout plan

His name is Jason James, or coach Jay.

There’s more information about coach Jay in our about page, but here’s a quick run down:

  1. He used to be a semi-professional soccer player
  2. Higher National Diploma
  3. Bachelors degree
  4. UKBFF natural bodybuilder 
  5. REPS level 2, 3 and the advanced level 4 personal trainer qualifications
  6. Crossfit level 1 qualification 

Each plan can be downloaded and printed off to take with you the the gym, there’s also plenty of space to scribble notes.

However, being in PDF format you can just download it to your smartphone or tablet.

That way you have a cheeky excuse to have your phone on the gym floor and maybe film yourself getting a pump!

What do you get?

  • Completely FREE plan
  • Use it and share it as much as you want
  • Available for tablet/mobile use or just print it
  • Anyone can use them
  • Minimal equipment required

Instead of having to buy an online guide, or run the gauntlet of asking someone in the gym you can save time and energy by taking this free workout plan with you to the gym.

It offers a four day per week routine split between upper and lower body.

The plan’s clearly outline the number of sets, reps and rest time duration between each set.

Each plan can be utilized in even the most modest of gyms which may have less equipment to chose from.

However, the aim of the workout plans were not to incorporate wide use of isolation machines in the first place.

Each plan takes a ‘back to basics’ and ‘tried and tested’ approach.

These exercises and routines are designed to hit multiple muscle groups.

This can equal increased muscle growth, furthermore, studies have demonstrated that a progressive resistance routine can also increase natural growth hormone secretion regardless of your age. [1]

Plan 1 – BOOST

The BOOST plan is primarily designed for men.

It makes use of many key compound exercises which incorporate multiple muscle groups and joints for BIG effects.

This is because exercise routines that stress the major muscle mass groups including multiple joint exercises stimulate greater hormonal response. [2]

As a result get ready for some big movements in the plan such as:

  • Deadlifts
  • Dips
  • Lunges

Expect each day you hit the gym to last about 60 minutes. Do not overdo your sessions, ensure that you maintain a strict 3 day per week recovery period.

Each day outlined will be intense, but all the more beneficial for it.

Click the link below for your FREE download.


Plan 2 – FORM

The FORM plan draws on Coach Jays extensive experience and feedback from female clients.

Instead of using the barbell to create large slabs of muscle mass, dumbbells are utilized which incorporates the use of more stabilizing musculature. [3]

This plan focuses on sculpting as well as forming a balanced and symmetrical muscle development particularly for the lower body areas.

However, there’s still a couple of big lifts included that will promote calorie burn and maintain a high metabolic rate as one movement such as the squat will engage the following muscle groups [4]:

  1. Back
  2. Hip extensors
  3. Hip adductors
  4. Hip abductors
  5. Knee extensors
  6. Ankle plantar flexors

Again, this workout plan can be used in many basic gyms or even a home set up.

Click the link below for your FREE download.


Just to confirm…

These two plans are free for your use and can help those who have never stepped in to a gym before or for those more advanced trainee’s that may have stagnated.

Either plan will give you a solid platform to transform your body by burning calories and encouraging muscle growth by performing these sessions just four times per week.

Remember that you can print the plans or download them to your mobile device for easy access whichever gym you are at.

Each exercise has a picture so you can clearly identify the equipment required and tells you the number of sets, reps and how much rest is required for optimal effect.

These two plans can be used by both men and women and have been structured by a qualified personal trainer that has first hand experience in a competitive sporting environment who maintains a constant 10% level of body fat and a weight of 198lbs/90kg.

Jason James is definitively not a armchair expert, nor are his programs based on the use of anabolic steroids.

Stick with it

Ensure that you stick to the plan and increase the weight as you progress, you may just surprise yourself with how much you can achieve.

This way you can transform your body for the better by:

  • Improving strength
  • Burning calories
  • Increasing muscle development 

Don’t forget…

To stay in contact and let us know your results. We would love to see your progress and hear about any feedback you have.

Plus, if you want to try any supplements to compliment your training here’s a few of our recommendations that we use for great performance.


[1] Effects of progressive resistance training on growth hormone and testosterone levels in young and elderly subjects. Craig BW, Brown R, Everhart J. Mech Ageing Dev. 1989 Aug;49(2):159-69. PMID: 2796409


[3] A comparison of muscle activity and 1-RM strength of three chest-press exercises with different stability requirements. Saeterbakken AH, van den Tillaar R, Fimland MS. J Sports Sci. 2011 Mar;29(5):533-8. doi: 10.1080/02640414.2010.543916. PMID: 21225489


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