Military Muscle Natural Testosterone Booster Review

Military Muscle Natural Testosterone Booster Review












  • Risk free
  • Science backed nutrients
  • Huge daily dose
  • VEGAN friendly
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Not available in Japan or Brazil

Military Muscle is a high-strength, legal and safe vegan testosterone booster developed for the most intensive exercise regimes.

I use it to see if it can help my overall fitness as time draws closer to the new soldier conditioning review and the USMC marathon in October.

Spoiler alert: Get your money ready!

LAST UPDATED: May 2021 by Ben.

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Military Muscle T-Booster First Look

So here it is. I had read a little bit about Military Muscle on social media with the few posts that were being released.

By all accounts, it is a hotly anticipated supplement. I was assured that it has been in development for many years with an extensive trial period which included members from the military and athletes from varying disciplines.

At first glance, you can tell with the design ethos that careful thought has been given to this product. While it seems it has been developed for those going through the most arduous of physical and mental situations it isn’t too ‘green’ that it alienates itself to just one niche.

A supplement for all…

The website doesn’t refer much towards the military and concentrates more on the vast benefits of testosterone and how everyone can benefit from this natural testosterone booster.

This is reflected in the color scheme which is black and white. The pages look clean, easy to read and full of information plus all claims are backed up by referenced sources.

Once more, as soon as we get on the site, we are told there’s free global shipping regardless of the order value. This differs from many products on the market that usually require a multi-buy purchases.

It is clear that lots of time, energy, and money has been put into the design of the product as well as the research and presentation of the benefits.

I like it, it makes a change from many product sites that just overload you with imagery and selling other products.

So while Military Muscle is new to the market, it looks like they are going to make an impact. Especially as the team behind the supplement includes military personnel, and they know a thing about fitness and recovery. However, it looks like we are all to benefit from their R&D.

The effects of hormones haven’t been overlooked by the military as a whole either, because the Pentagon has been researching about how testosterone can help keep soldiers operating for longer periods during combat. [1]

Furthermore, this really is a supplement designed for all users. As of March 2020 it is 100% vegan.

That means no gelatin capsules, these have been replaced with plant-based capsules and each ingredient is either a vitamin, mineral or plant-based compound.

We’ve looked at the market and cannot find another vegan-friendly test booster on the market. This means Military Muscle could be the first one available!

EDIT: It seems Miltary Muscle was a bit of a trailblazer and there are a few vegan friendly options now available.

military muscle testosterone booster bottle and pills

Summary: A genuine, fully researched, and developed testosterone booster that is legal, safe to use, and gives us the results we want. One of the best test boosters available.

Who’s behind Military Muscle?

A bit of research tells us that a company called MIL-TECH PHARMA Ltd is the driving force behind Military Muscle.

This is quite interesting, because sometimes when we look behind the scenes of some products it is clear that the company has little relevance to the product.

Call me a skeptic but if that company isn’t dedicated to producing a supplement, why are they doing it? Just to try and cash in? Or are their interests elsewhere and not truly focused on making the best possible supplement to help you reach your goals?

Furthermore, a bit more desktop research tells us that MIL-TECH PHARMA is based in London and Texas which gives them a global reach.

This way they can also draw in the experience of different professions and elements of research and development.

Interestingly their London office is located in ‘Mid Town’ which is a real hub for Hospitals, Universities, and other research organizations such as the famed Francis Crick Institute which pulls together different medical and research bodies to form the largest biomedical research facility in Europe.

military muscle testosterone booster bottle
Military Muscle is helping my training for the USMC marathon.

You may wonder why this is important…

Location Counts

This location places itself in a great area for collaboration, research, and development. A location such as this can bring in people from varying relevant spheres, professions with experience and knowledge.

You can read more about Military Muscle on their ‘about‘ page.

This means that it isn’t a half-baked product being produced in the back of an RV.

MIL-TECH PHARMA is a real set-up with a real structure in place.

Besides, this is produced in the United Kingdom which falls under strict manufacturing processes and guidelines. This is not just a cheap, unregulated far Eastern import.

We are also reliably informed that the manufacturing takes place in an FDA and BRC Global manufacturing registered facility and there are no known traces of allergens.

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Military Muscle Explanation Video

What’s different about Military Muscle?

It seems to me that this testosterone booster from Military Muscle has some real legitimacy about it.

Some products do not necessarily feel genuine. They’re on sale because they want to make a bit of cash.

This is evident all over Amazon and eBay, or even the dedicated online supplement stores.

Military Muscle isn’t a Clone

There are so many products that are called ‘private label’ supplements.

This is a ready-made formula available for companies to buy to add their label and branding.

This results in a marketplace with multiple cloned products, little research or innovation, and unhappy customers that lose confidence.

We know this because we have reviewed so many of these cloned supplements, and they are terrible.

They offer:

  • Low doses
  • Unproven ingredients
  • Little benefit

In fact, there’s a blog post about Private Label supplements on the Military Muscle website.

Unique Formula

Military Muscle has been designed from the ground up, and for real purpose as well.

It is a testosterone booster that has been developed to give active individuals an edge; to help with their training and recovery.

This is clear to see when you note the little details that can be often overlooked.

Details such as:

  • Appropriate doses (backed by science)
  • The ingredients (backed by science)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • No banned substances so it can be used by athletes and military personnel safely
  • Developed and used by military personnel and athletes from varying disciplines
  • FREE global shipping
  • Discounts for multiple bottle purchases
  • Multiple payment options
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets

Let’s head over to those finer details and look at the ingredients.

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Ingredients: The Research and Science

This is where Military Muscle shines, and that R&D comes good!

Remember there are 11 ingredients in this testosterone booster which eclipses many products on the market.

Let’s start at the top.

military muscle bottle ingredients panel
The massive ingredient list for Military Muscle T-Booster.

Vitamin D3

Did you know that we get the most amount of vitamin D from sunlight?

You may also be surprised to hear that around 70% of adults are deficient in vitamin D. [2]

This can be due to many reasons, but it can be due to concerns about the dangers of sun exposure, age, cultural dress, seasons and even that there are a lack of foods rich in vitamin D. [3]

As a result, the Chief UK Medical Officer advises that vitamin D should be supplemented. [4]

What’s so important about vitamin D?

In order to keep your body functioning properly and being healthy you need regulation of certain minerals and vitamins.

And, vitamin D helps absorb and regulate calcium as well as phosphate to contribute towards healthy teeth, bones and even muscles. [5]

Furthermore, there’s a link between vitamin D and mood changes.

Published studies suggest that there is a link between low levels of vitamin D and a reduce mood. [6]

And testosterone?

Yes, there’s a proven relationship between vitamin D and testosterone, also including fertility.

A study conducted by the University of Graz and the Ruhr University Bochum demonstrated that men who were deficient in vitamin D saw an increase of testosterone when they took a vitamin D supplement for a year. [7]

There’s another study from Germany, the Synlab Center of Laboratory Diagnostics, which shows that higher levels of vitamin D correlate with higher testosterone. As such, they identified a seasonal pattern with the highest levels of testosterone being recorded in August. [8]

The Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health also identified a positive association between testosterone and vitamin D. [9]

Further research also unearthed an article outlining a study that found a relationship between low vitamin D and significantly lower levels of testosterone for male soldiers and veterans in the USA. [10]

Why vitamin D3?

There are two types of vitamin D: D2 and D3.

Military Muscle contains D3.

D3 is considered to be the better form for improved absorption. [11]

The vitamin D we get from sunshine as well as eggs and oily fish is D3.

That said, there’s evidence that vitamin D2 is also an effective way to increase vitamin D levels.

Vitamin A

There’s plenty to shout about regarding vitamin A.

That’s because it helps with maintaining many areas of your health including eyes, that’s why we were always told to eat carrots as a child so we could see in the dark. Carrots are rich in vitamin A. [12]

Vitamin A deficiency isn’t necessarily common but can affect regions whereby the primary source of food includes rice. [13]

However, there’s also a connection regarding testosterone as vitamin A plays a role in the testis. [14]

It has been reported that if a person lacks a particular gene that cannot take advantage of vitamin A, then this can negatively affect Leydig cells in the testis that are responsible for testosterone synthesis.

As a result, it is suggested that low levels of vitamin A are associated with reduced testosterone according to a report released by the University of Illinois. [15]


You may not realize it, but iron is one of the most important and vital minerals.

It helps reduce fatigue, supports the immune system and helps increase red blood cells and hemoglobin. [16]

The latter is very important as it transports oxygen around the body to the organs and muscles.

So it makes it more important to ensure your iron levels are sufficient, however, iron deficiency is very common across the globe and often overlooked by medical practitioners. [17]

It has also been discovered that there is a correlation between low testosterone and anemia in men. [18]

However, there is a very interesting study that demonstrates a combination of iron and vitamin A supplementation is just as effective as hormonal therapy. [19]

Vitamin K2

If you wanted to match the amount of vitamin K2 as found in a daily serving of Military Muscle you would need to eat 11 hard-boiled eggs! [20]

However, there would be good reason to ensure you get that much K2 in your diet. There’s also the good reason it is included in Military Muscle…

First of all, K2 is required to ensure that it places calcium in bones and cartilage yet makes sure it doesn’t go to the kidneys or block the blood vessels. This contributes to good bone and cardiovascular health. [21]

Yet, it is the effects K2 has on both vitamin D and A which make it very relevant in this supplement as they work together to provide optimal growth and development. [22]

How does K2 affect testosterone?

Vitamin K2 is distributed around the body to the bones, tissues, and organs, this includes the testis.

K2 acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent the reduction of testosterone synthesis in the testicles. [23]

As a result, could now be used to help reduce the decline of testosterone in older people.


Let’s cut to the chase with zinc.

Reduced levels of zinc in your body are associated with low testosterone levels.

Studies have demonstrated that a zinc restricted diet led to reduced levels of testosterone.

Likewise, men suffering from low testosterone almost doubled their hormone levels after supplementing with zinc for 6 months. [24]

This relationship has been observed and investigated by scientists since the 1970s. [25]

What’s more, the World Health Organization, estimates that zinc deficiency ranging from severe to mild effects around one-third of the global population. [26]

Athletes are particularly at risk of zinc deficiency as it can be lost through sweat, also, diets extremely high in carbohydrates can lead to low zinc. which can affect performance, lead to anorexia and increase fatigue. [27]

Urtica Diocia

It sounds mental but is nettle leaf.

Yes, stinging nettle leaf extract, but don’t let that put you off, nettle offers lots of benefit, far more than you would probably imagine.

We have covered the effects of nettle before in this article.

What we discovered was that nettle is an anti-estrogenic compound. This means that it helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which is an enzyme process called aromatase.

This action reduces testosterone levels in men. [28]

However, it is not just the reduction of aromatase that is in nettle’s armory. There is also evidence that nettle can increase testosterone levels. [29]

Furthermore, for those who use or have used anabolic steroids in the past, nettle shows promise to help reduce the size of the prostate and studies have used 360mg to positive effect. That’s exactly how much Military Muscle provides daily.  [30]


Don’t overlook the power of boron when you are looking to increase your testosterone levels.

That’s because a study published in 2011 demonstrated that 10mg per day resulted in human participants’ testosterone levels improving. [31]

Furthermore, there’s evidence from a report published by the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal, that boron improves memory function as well as hand and eye coordination tasks, this is great for a supplement that members of the military and athletes use. [32]

To get the same amount of boron as found in this supplement which matches the 10mg that was found to be useful in trials, you would need to eat 9 avocados per day. [33]

Mucuna Pruriens

This plant seed, or rather, the bean has been used for over a thousand years to treat infertility and be used as an aphrodisiac, as such, we covered mucuna pruriens and its many benefits, here.

There is scientific evidence that points the way to this being true, with mucuna pruriens proving itself to increase sperm motility and sperm numbers along with an increase of testosterone. [34]

However, it goes much further than that…

By reducing stresses by restoring anti-oxidant levels, mucuna pruriens further improved sperm quality, reduced cortisol (too much cortisol harms testosterone) and reduced psychological stress. [35]

Mucuna Pruriens also contains L-DOPA which is an amino acid and a precursor to dopamine.

Prolactin and Endurance

Interestingly, L-DOPA inhibits prolactin. [36]

This is relevant because high levels of prolactin are associated with erectile dysfunction [37] and testosterone.

In studies, this was identified in males who were suffering from reduced testosterone alongside elevated prolactin caused by intensive endurance training regimes. [38]

As such, mucuna pruriens is ideal for anyone who is embroiled with endurance athletics or even military personal.


There are many uses for ashwagandha that are supported by science and not just anecdotes.

That is why it’s good to see it included in this testosterone booster, because, there is strong evidence demonstrating that ashwagandha has a positive effect on testosterone.

However, let’s cover some of the other benefits of ashwagandha because there are some proven relevant features.

Ashwagandha is known to help reduce stress and anxiety notwithstanding symptoms of insomnia. [39]

This then is linked to cortisol; the studies demonstrate that ashwagandha can reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone. High levels of cortisol are related to low testosterone. [40]

Stress and depression

A study reported that over 2 months supplementation of 600mg every day reduced depression by 79% compared to the placebo group. [41]

Therefore, it is very good to see that Military Muscle includes 600mg in a daily dose.

There is also evidence that a daily dose of 600mg also had a significantly improved effect on attention, memory, and tasks. [42]

Where does that leave us regarding testosterone?

One study noted that with a daily dose of 600mg over 2 months, the participants saw increases of DHEA and testosterone. [43]

Furthermore, infertile males saw a significant increase in testosterone and sperm quality while noting a decrease in oxidative stress. [44]

As such, it will come as no surprise to learn that when a group of young men was supplementing with 600mg of ashwagandha daily they all saw significant increases of strength and muscle mass. [45]

In addition to this, another study demonstrated a trend towards total body fat reduction and less cholesterol. [46]

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

While there is some conflicting evidence regarding DAA, it is difficult to overlook one particular study of healthy men who experienced a significant rise in testosterone after 12 days of DAA supplementation.

Furthermore, it was reported that even up to 3 days after supplementation ceased the testosterone levels remained high. [47]

Additional evidence also shows that this hormone-releasing amino acid has an important role in fertility with 90 days supplementation of DAA resulting in doubling the sperm count of participants in a study. [48]

Another study also demonstrated that a combination of DAA and vitamin D3 (which is also included in Military Muscle) saw middle-aged men increase testosterone, improve libido whilst also reporting feelings of vitality and increased energy. [49]


Fenugreek has proven in studies to increase testosterone in men while significantly increasing strength while reducing body fat.

The study which included 49 men lasted for 2 months and the participants were supplementing 500mg of fenugreek daily. [50]

An additional study that included 120 men over 3 months saw that their testosterone and libido levels increased. [51]

There are other benefits to fenugreek as well, it may be able to reduce blood sugars, cholesterol and inflammation. [52]

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Military Muscle Dose

Once again, this is where Military Muscle excels, and how it is clear lots of thought and research has gone into the development of this supplement.

Not only does it include a massive daily dose of 3850mg but it is the doses of the nutrients that are key.

As we have already covered, these ingredients have been proven to work at specific doses, such as 600mg of ashwagandha or 500mg of fenugreek.

So, to be effective, we need these doses. And, that’s where Military Muscle comes into its own.

It contains these required doses, whereas other products fall short.

Furthermore, the nutrient profile is open and transparent. There are no concealed or secretive proprietary blends here.

Capsule Count

This is all contained within 6 plant-caps per day.

Full month supply is 180 capsules which we get in each, huge bottle, and the bottle is HUGE.

It eclipses other testosterone boosters on the market.

Bottle Size Comparison

military muscle bottle size comparision testogen testo 2000 male extra
Military Muscle is much bigger than most other supplements on the market.

Just to give you an idea of the size difference between Military Muscle and other similar products, take a look at the picture above.

The Testogen bottle (second in from the right) is the regular and normal size.

The Testo 2000 bottle is considered large. It is much larger than the majority of the bottles of testosterone booster’s that we see.

However, even that only provides a daily dose of 4 pills.

Yet, Military Muscle swallows them all up. It is the Megalodon of testosterone boosters!

Do not be mistaken and think that the bottle is half empty because it isn’t.

It is full of 180 capsules; a 6 pill daily dose!

No Banned Substances

As Military Muscle state on their website, this testosterone booster does not contain any banned substances.

Every ingredient has been cross-referenced with the WADA prohibited substance list to ensure that users will not fail any drug screening tests.

Also, none of the nutrients feature on the prohibited dietary supplement ingredients list issued by the Department of Defense.

As such, if you are an athlete or in the military rest assured that this does not feature on any high-risk supplement list, nor will you fail a drug test.

man holding military muscle at the top of a hill
I’ve been using Military Muscle to assist with my training and recovery.


With the rise of supplements being manufactured in the Far East, there is a concern for quality control.

We only want the highest quality nutrients, that’s why it is reassuring to see that this testosterone booster is manufactured in an FDA and a BRC global standards accredited facility.

This product is also manufactured in the UK whereby there are strict rules and regulations in place for any manufacturer or producer of supplements to ensure the safety and health of the consumer. [53]

Military Muscle Prices

If you head to the Military Muscle site, you are immediately greeted with a notification of free global shipping and a discount for multiple bottles.

It is also key to note that shipping is free if you buy just 1 bottle or 10. This is fairly unique in the marketplace as shipping tends only to be included if 2 or more bottles are purchased.

So what is the price per bottle?

It is USD 69  but check the site for pricing as they often do discounts.

There is a 10% discount for 2 bottles.

If you buy 3 bottles you get another free.

There’s even a super 6-month bundle pack that includes 6 bottles, a Military Muscle tee shirt, a vinyl sticker plus free priority shipping from DHL – all of this is just $285


As mentioned, each order qualifies for FREE global shipping. This is tracked and signed.

Depending on where you are in the world this may take from 1 day to 8 days, depending on your location.

So for those wanting their order within 3 working days, there is a priority shipping option from DHL.

There’s a surcharge of $9.99 for the priority option.

Payment Options

Different payment option logos
Military Muscle accepts various payments.

What is interesting about the Military Muscle T-Booster is that you can pay through different gateways.

In essence, it doesn’t have to be a credit card. See below the different options available:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit card – Visa, Mastercard, AMEX.
  • Sezzle –  0% interest payments

While all payments are processed in US dollars, the price will come up in your local currency such as Euros, GBP, CAN/AUS dollars, etc.

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Military Muscle Contact

There’s an email address should you need to speak to someone.

That is: [email protected]

You could also message through FaceBook.

When you are on the Military Muscle website there is a live message service available.

However, if you do have some questions about the product you could read their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. This should clear up most questions and queries.


Military Muscle are offering a 90-day guarantee.

This makes sense because many of the studies regarding the nutrients state that the effects are after 2 or 3 months of supplementation.


This is a new product, so it is quite early days.

Yet, there are a few testimonials already uploaded on their testimonials page which you should check out, this goes to show people are using it and loving it.

Additionally, there’s a bit of a buzz on social media from people who have already started buying and using Military Muscle.

Including the guys from the Westway Barbell Club – a community of competitive weight lifters and coaches.




Military muscle social media testimonials
Social media testimonials for Military Muscle.

However, just take a look at some of the testimonials on the Military Muscle website there are lots of people from varying backgrounds, but mainly military and athletes.



Military Muscle test booster customer testimonials
Customer reviews of Military Muscle on the website.

They also collect reviews from customers on TRUSTPILOT!


How many supplements do you know that dare asks for Trustpilot reviews? Very few because they’re so worried about poor feedback, whereas Military Muscle is considered to be ‘excellent’ according to their customer satisfaction!

military muscle trustpilot reviews


As you may have gathered by now, this is an immense testosterone booster.

In addition, we cannot find any other vegan test boosters on the market. This could be a world first.

However, this is exactly what you would expect after 3 years of testing which includes real-world scenarios by athletes and military personnel.

And, the pros of this product stretch from the high number of proven ingredients to the high daily dose, but also including the stringent manufacturing processes as well as ensuring the nutrients are safe and legal to use.

Additionally, there is free global shipping and automatic discount on larger orders. While multiple payment options also give it a big tick.

This is key because it is clear that from the studies, many of the nutrients offer the best results after 2 or 3 months of supplementation, as such. it is wise to use this over a long period.

Guaranteed performance

There’s also a 90-day guarantee. So, if you are not happy they will return your money.

However, we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased with the results. As per the latest testimonials!

That’s because this provides all of the great nutrients required at the proven doses.

It’s all of these key little details that make a big difference.

There’s no half measures, full doses, a big bottle, and a big impact.


This is a premium product that has been designed to blow all other testosterone boosters out of the water.

However, all of the research and development comes at a cost…

It is pricier than a few other supplements, yet, it packs in a massive amount of ingredients.

Remember you are getting 180 capsules per month which equates to 6 capsules per day with a dose of 3850mg when many other testosterone boosters don’t even offer 2000mg!

Yet, these are the only negatives points.

Unwanted Side Effects

Again, this is a high-quality supplement.

Each ingredient has been assessed and analyzed in depth.

As a result, you should not experience any unwanted side effects as the ingredients are safe to use.

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My Personal Experience

When I first received the bottle I just couldn’t believe how big it was and how much they had squeezed into every daily dose.

It is just massive.

And, reading through each ingredient and looking at the science behind it all, I just knew this would be a hit.

Needless to say, I was keen to get using it to help support my weight training and army fitness.

I take this, as instructed, on an empty stomach before food.

Not long afterward I felt an increase in my libido and desire. Which is always a good sign.

However, I have seen some great benefits in the gym and for my exercise.

Military Muscle Aids Recovery

Notably, my recovery times have improved.

Being 35, I do find muscle recovery is one of my biggest hurdles.

I’m fine throwing the big weights around in the gym, but to maintain a consistent regime can be difficult because I ache so much.

This is now made worse because I am having to train for this USMC marathon that we are competing in, but with the military clothing on and carrying 33lbs of kit.

Did I mention I am also partaking in cross country ski training as well?

Yes, this is a lot of strenuous exercises which is putting stress on my body.

Yet, with Military Muscle I am feeling better after my training sessions and eager to do more, in a shorter period.

Improved Performance

My timings and performance are also improving.

The weights continue to climb and the timings for the marathon training are also improving.

I am now averaging 11 minutes 40 seconds per mile which is a reduction from 13:10. Not only has my pace quickened, I can get back to training much sooner with less aching.

This is all good news and some great results.

Sometimes, when people think about a testosterone booster they think of big biceps, but it stretches way further than that.

Hence why many people can benefit from Military Muscle, not just bodybuilders or powerlifters.

military muscle dpm day sack trig point
Using Military Muscle to slash my running times.

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Conclusion

I think we have hit a climax of what testosterone boosters are currently available to buy.

Military Muscle is the top of the pile at the moment.

Okay, it is not the least expensive, but you are getting a hell of a lot for your money.

Remember, this offers about 50% more than many other testosterone boosters on the market. Even some of our favorites are only hitting a daily dose of 3000mg. This reached 3859mg, plus we have an further 2 capsules.

Military Muscle is also offering 11 ingredients, all of which have some great evidence to warrant their inclusion. Furthermore, this is used and trialed on people who put their bodies on the line and go through extreme stresses.

Key doses

Also, remember those key doses per ingredient. Okay, while other supplements may offer fenugreek, are they offering the required 500mg to have a positive effect? Unlikely!

And, this is repeated throughout.

Another thing to note is that some testosterone boosters just include ingredients that mimic higher levels of testosterone, such as caffeine (for energy), or beta-alanine (to give you a tingly feeling as if testosterone is coursing through your veins) or even nutrients to give you an erection.

Yet, Military Muscle includes the ingredients not to mimic testosterone but actively increase your natural production.

Let’s not forget that these ingredients are not banned nor do they feature on any prohibited lists issued by the Department of Defense, so safe to use.

The website is easy to use, easy to navigate and it’s easy to order.

Final Words…

This is the best testosterone booster I have used, and I love it! Remember, it is always best to buy direct from the manufacturer.

Product Update: Oct 10th, 2019

So I have been taking Military Muscle now for 3 months and my thoughts are that this is quite frankly a phenomenal product.

It is helping me in every way of my fitness, but notably, the recovery is off the chart.

I am now able to hit the gym every day if I wish and when I can, and not only is my body able to handle the additional stress, which makes it grow but mentally I am more determined to get in the gym more.


One of the biggest issues I used to face when working out was the recovery.

The aching and constant pain would get me down. I would dread the gym because I felt so exhausted and sore.

The result was that I could only go twice per week, maximum. This hurt my performance, but also mentally I felt like giving up.


Then I just wondered if it was an age thing. I am nearing 36.

I thought, I guess the pain and soreness from exercise is just something to deal with, as perhaps is the waning confidence or enthusiasm for weight lifting.

Seeing as I had been doing more cardiovascular training with the army, I even thought that could be the next, natural progression.

After all, you tend to see a lot more ‘older’ guys cycling, running and swimming than you do smashing 400lbs on the deadlifts.

Mentally, I had started to prepare myself for the transgression, even though I don’t think I am mid-thirties, it seemed my body was dragging me to the reality.


As you may have noticed, I had even reduced my output on this site. Less reviews, fewer articles overall. It seemed I had given up.

However, that was 3 months ago.

Since taking Military Muscle, I have flipped all of that on its head.

Firstly, my muscle recovery is now phenomenal. I am doing heavy squats (250kg on the Powertec system) and then 2 days later hitting deadlifts with maybe weighted dips and other upper body exercises in-between.

These days, I spend more time in the gym than out of it. I’m gaining strength and I can incorporate cardiovascular work as well. So much so that I have put myself forward for the Regimental cross country racing.

Furthermore, mentally I am back.

The doldrums I was in have lifted. I relish the gym, I love the exercise and the challenge. It is no longer a chore, or an area I became apprehensive about.

Mentally, I feel reignited. So what if I am mid-thirties? I feel great, so I will carry on.

My legs and back feel so much stronger and thicker. My chest and shoulder workout is no longer a point of anxiety, they’re something to develop.

I even broke my weight lifting bench!

Product Update: May 2021

I’m still using Military Muscle and even at 37, I feel great! I’m still hitting the gym loads and doing my fitness.

Best of all though, is the way the product helps me sleep, and others have been telling me the same! I recommended the supplement to a guy I used to go to school with many years ago and he is now waxing lyrical to me about how it’s benefited him!

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