Wolfson Berg NOOCUBE Nootropic Review

Wolfson Berg NOOCUBE Nootropic Review

If you feel that your mind is a constant haze of events, plans and forgotten lists you may not be getting all of the nutrients your brain requires to perform effectively you could be amazed by Noocube.

Read the product review below.

LAST UPDATED: February 2019 by Ben.

Noocube Cognitive Enhancer

I’ve just returned from buying my first truck.

She’s a beauty. 1998 Nissan straight 2.5l diesel and stick.

Yep, I have been looking for a whole manner of cars recently and already have two including an ageing Saab 9-3 but this oddity just stood out at me, and I can confirm it is as noisy and slow as you would imagine.

However, I had to get up early this morning after a long night writing and testing pre workout supplements, plus hitting the gym.

That meant that after only having 6 hours sleep and waiting naturally because I was bursting for a pee I felt a bit disjointed this morning. I reached for my coffee, fell over the cat and slung some clothes on.

The coffee wasn’t enough…

I needed something to clear my mind and make sure I could concentrate…I did have a long drive ahead.

So, looking at the nootropics, I normally use Mindlab Pro but thought I should switch it up a little and see what else is available on the market.

After a bit of searching Noocupe stood out to me, not less because of the guarantee which offers a 100% refund, plus the shipping is paid for too.

No risk then really…

Why did it stand out?

Apart from the guarantee, it just looks professional, clean and there’s something appealing about the design. Its also been formulated by neuro-scientists.

My friend is a neurologist, he likes Mindlab Pro but agreed that this should be worth a look too based on the ingredients.

Who are NooCube?

Noocube are part of Wolfson Berg Ltd who are based in North London.

Now, this may not appear to be of any significance, however, not too far away is the Francis Crick Institute.

The Francis Crick Institute is a scientific research center – an international hub for biomedical analysis and discovery.

‘…1500 scientists and support staff working collaboratively across disciplines, making it the biggest biomedical research facility under a single roof in Europe…’ [1]

London is a hive for science, and it seems fitting that the company behind Noocube are situated in an epicenter for international collaboration and research.

It is stated that the supplements produced by Wolfson Berg are manufactured by FDA guidelines in approved facilities using researched formulas devised by a team of nutrition experts and health consultants.

What Does NooCube do?

‘Safely and effectively improve your cognitive functioning with NooCube.’

That’s the spiel from their site, anyway.

However, to find out exactly if it can have any benefit to cognitive function we must first look through the nutrients and evaluate each one through thorough study of the available research.

Importantly we also need to see how it stacks against other products on the market, too.

Importantly there are 8 ingredients with their doses being completely transparent.

Noocube Price

As with many products, the more you buy, the better the unit cost.

Noocube is no different.

1 bottle costs $39.99

Yet, for $119.00 you get 6 bottles!

There’s a 67 money back guarantee and you can pay in lots of different currencies. Shipping is free, too.



ingredients panel for noocube Bacopa

Unfortunately there is currently an issue with differing measures employed when studies of bacopa were conducted that do not provide a clear cut answer to how effective the extracts are to enhance cognitive function.

However, the evidence available does point towards bacopa improving memory function while also increasing brain function in other areas.

So, it definitively looks promising. Especially as I can barely remember what happened last week. [2]

However, there is more to bacopa. It has been proven to improve symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children by a significant margin. [3]


You may be familiar with tyrosine because it features in some other products such as pre workout supplements.

This is because it is proven to help increase focus and improve clarity. However, clinical testing demonstrates that tyrosine also manages to increase cognitive function while subjects are under stress.

Research concludes that it also helps reduce blood pressure. [4]

Furthermore I found a study that is a little closer to my heart being a member of the military (reserve)…

This assessment focused on the ability of tyrosine to counteract the pressures and toil that military operations has on personnel who suffer fatigue, sleep deprivation coupled with long periods of continuous work.

These kinds of conditions can cause stress, anxiety and further mood changes.

It was found that tyrosine can restore depleted brain norepinephrine levels which can then protect and reverse stress related performance decline. [5]

Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)

This is an ancient plant that was used by the Inca civilisation.

It reportedly has a positive effect on inflammation and even the immune system with people taking cat’s claw to treat virus’ such as herpes and HIV.

This is because it can increase the white blood cell count. [6]

However, there isn’t any solid evidence regarding its ability to improve cognitive function per se, but, it does seem to have some anti-oxidant properties. [7]

Now, there is an argument or a body of thought that suggests anti-oxidants can have protective effects on cognitive decline or improve cognitive performance.

Yet, there’s not enough substantial evidence nor consistent evidence to prove that this is the case. [8]

Oat Straw (Avena Sativa)

Oat extracts have a wide range of benefits, no-less being high in fiber oat extracts are also able to help lower cholesterol, be anti-inflammatory, prevent unwanted muscular contraction as well as improve nerve function. [9]

However, importantly in this scenario, there’s strong and positive evidence that at 800mg or less, oat extracts offer improved cognitive function which led to less thinking time required to perform tasks. [10]

What is interesting is that most clinical trials may include people who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s at some level.

Yet, there’s results available that demonstrate the positive effects of avena sativa on cognitive response in healthy people. [11]


Finding relevant research from reputable sources regarding theanine in this context is surprisingly difficult. Not that there isn’t any clinical evidence about theanine, it is just that much of it is measuring the effects when combined with caffeine.

So, what is there about theanine by itself?

Interestingly a study on mice discovered that those treated with theanine reversed the effects of anxiety, mental depression and impaired cognitive function. [12]

Furthermore, research in to Posttraumatic stress disorder noted that theanine has calming effects and paves the way for further study which is currently lacking regardless of the current amount of herbal products available. [13]

Alpha GPC

Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine has been reported to help reverse the symptoms of amnesia, what is important is that the memory function engages varying parts of the brain, not just one specific area. [14]

In addition to this, it seems that AGPC can also increase power as well as speed output when it was tested on volleyball players and college aged males.

This was based on 6 days supplementation with a dose of 600mg daily. [15] [16]

As such, AGPC supplementation can have both physical and cognitive benefits.

Huperzine Serrata

According to the studies that we unearthed Huperzine Serrata contains the (arguably) more popular Huperzine A which has been noted to improve memory function in animals.

When further testing looked at how it may effect Alzheimer’s sufferers, the results on mice were positive enough that it reduced any cognitive function deficits.

This suggested that it could be used for the treatment of dementia. [17]

However, to balance the theory, it has been highlighted that huperzine serrata does not improve, or rather there isn’t enough quality evidence, that can categorically alleviate the symptoms of those people suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Importantly, people who do suffer from MCI tend to develop Alzheimer’s.

Just to muddy the waters further, huperzine is used in China to treat people.

Theoretically huperzine performs functions that do offer protective qualities such as reducing glutamate-induced damage and inhibit acetylcholinesterase.

it seems the argument against it is purely down to the lack of available studies. [18]


Perhaps unintentionally, the universal or common thought is that as reservatrol provides so many protective health benefits overall that it must also be a cognitive enhancer or protect brain function.

This in part can be down to clinical studies in rats that point towards a suggested alleviation of age related cognitive decline. [19]

However, in humans studies this does not appear to be the case and there is no evidence to strongly link the two.

Yet, there is significant evidence that it does increase vigor and reduces fatigue which effects mood. [20]

 PROS – Several ingredients have a positive effect on mood, cognition. PTSD, pressure and even physical performance.

 CONS – One ingredient, namely cats claw doesn’t appear to have much proven benefit.

What Are the Benefits?

With just one exception, the studies and evidence point towards a product that has many benefits.

What stood out for me was some of the ingredients’ effects on alleviating stress and pressure for military personnel while subject to periods of prolonged fatigue such as experienced on tours of duty.

Furthermore, was the calming effects that an element of this nootropic has on PTSD symptoms.

Then we have to also highlight the increases of power output that were measured in college aged males and female volleyball teams.

This product can also encourage feelings of vigor while reducing fatigue, this is before we consider the improved memory benefits and reducing thinking time to perform tasks.

And I certainly felt it. I was much more ‘switched on’.



Any Negatives?

It’s pretty hard to find fault with this product.

My only real considered concern is regarding Cat’s Claw which while it is an anti-oxidant, there’s no specific evidence that demonstrates that it has any effect on cognitive function.

Furthermore there’s a little uncertainty regarding Huperzine.

Theoretically Huperzine does have the required qualities to treat mild cognitive impairment, however, as it stands there’s no reliable evidence that it does so.

In fact, while used in China, there doesn’t seem to be any real documented human scientific evidence available to support its use. That said, animal studies of mice are positive.

Compared tot MindLab Pro this is slightly underdosed at 1995mg daily over 4 capsules compared to 2600mg.

However, I am really digging to find faults here.

Are there any known unwanted side effects?

For the majority, the ingredients in this nootropic are seen as safe to use.

Some may experience headaches, dizziness and nauseousness.

Huperzine appears to potentially cause the most problems, however, this may only effect a minority of the population.

As ever, people are unique, you may react differently to something compared to another person. If you feel unwell, just stop taking it.

My Experience

My normal morning tends to start with me wandering around the house with my head full of thoughts and ideas for the day.

However, it takes me ages to settle down and prioritize. As such, I end up wasting a good few hours when I should be at my most productive.

When I am using noocube it almost lifts that erratic confusion and gets me to settle. Settle my head space which in turn can help me just crack on with the day.

If you feel that your head is just a muddle of different tasks to complete and things to remember such as times to pick up a delivery or make a meeting, Noocube could help you function more efficiently.

What do others say about NooCube?

In a first for me, there’s actually a book written about Noocube that you can buy online. It only costs a few dollars. However, there’s no reviews about the book. I may just buy it myself though.

However, there seems to be a good number of people who are happy with Noocube who have written a testimonial, not to mention over 100,000 customers.

Noocube customer testimonials

Wolfson Berg NOOCUBE Review Conclusion

The benefits of Noocube are clear to see.

And, this product works on different levels, not just working towards improving cognitive function but also helping reduce stress, reduce thinking and processing times but also reducing fatigue.

In some areas of employment this could be critical, and give you that much required edge.

Especially if you work in a emotionally, mentally and physically challenging environment.

So, a product that has clinically researched and proven ingredients to improve so many parameters with minimal side effects and many happy customers while helping myself is something I can recommend.

Best NooCube Deal

best NooCube deal


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