110 Million Chinese Are Diabetic

110 Million Chinese Are Diabetic

China has a huge population, and a burgeoning middle class with much more disposable income and opportunities to eat a wide variety of multinational foods, including convenience foods laden with salt, sugar and fats from the West.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) is concerned that the 1.3 inhabitants of China are not doing enough exercise. These figures are compounded by the fact that 110 million are living with diabetes and over 36 million (more than half of the UK population) are overweight which could lead to major health and socioeconomic issues.

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As a result the country initiated the Chinese Fitness Program in 2011 to encourage people of all ages to lead a healthier lifestyle. This has resulted in park gyms being established and the attendance of such facilities is rising, with more senior members of the population often seen alongside the younger generations to try ensure they are healthier and less of a burden on family if taken ill from a lack of exercise and good health.


Since the concept of the national fitness program, similar to what was established in the US a good number of years ago and fronted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it has attracted increasing amounts of investment to the fitness industry.

Reports saw growth of 13.7% per annum between 2010 and 2015 in the health and fitness industry, correlating figures saw that 1/3 of Chinese people consistently participate in regular exercise.

However, some observers feel that 80% of younger people in China still do not get enough exercise.



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