Can Biotin Increase Testosterone Levels?

Can Biotin Increase Testosterone Levels?

There’s recently been a little bit of controversy regarding biotin and how it may be causing false readings.

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Biotin Causes Lab Result Confusion

Biotin can be found in many supplements. Most of which appear to be marketed to women.

Yet, in 2017, tests have concluded that Biotin caused interference in the lab.

These are the results emanating from the University of North Carolina. [1]

This emerged because a patient who was supplementing with a common B7 vitamin also known as Biotin caused misleading test results from a clinical assessment.


As a result, the patient was subject to further testing which included radiography and extended consultations.

This was after the patient had been self administrating a daily dose of 5000mcg.

These B7 supplements are readily available over the counter without the need for a prescription. They can be bought for no more than $20.

The supposed benefits of Biotin are to promote healthy skins, nails and hair.

Yet, this has yet to be scientifically confirmed regardless of the widespread marketing tactics and claims.

For this particular patient, the interference of Biotin caused long periods of time whereby the person was under psychological stress due to the results flagging a potential hypercortisolemia or a tumor caused by testosterone.

However, psychological stress aside, these abnormal results triggered by Biotin almost prompted invasive procedures.

This is because it was thought that the patient had too much cortisol which is a steroid hormone in the blood.

Lack of Studies

Due to such close misdiagnosis it has been commented by Maya Styner, MD, who is an associate professor that there is a clear lack of available literature and studies regarding the possibilities and potential complications that Biotin can have on cortisol and testosterone immunoassays.

This is exacerbated by the public consuming more and more over the counter supplements which are so easily accesible with little information around the complications or potential effects they can have.

On the flip side, due to people consuming more supplements and vitamins, these results are a welcome because it can help medical professionals with further diagnosis while providing more of the much needed information for medicine and science.

It was due to these misleading results caused by Biotin that enabled the U.S Food and Drug Administration to issue a warning in November 2017 to the public, health care providers, lab test developers and all related personnel.

The warning stated that Biotin can significantly interfere with lab tests and be the cause behind undetected and incorrect lab test results. [2] [3]





Can Biotin increase testosterone levels?
Article Name
Can Biotin increase testosterone levels?
We look at a case whereby biotin was causing misleading lab results.

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