Can Exercise Beat Drugs On The War With Osteoporosis?

Can Exercise Beat Drugs On The War With Osteoporosis?

Medication Vs. Weight Training

If you want o prevent osteoporosis, it may be time to understand that a move away from the medication and in to the gym is the solution.
That’s correct, weightlifting is not all about building big arms and shoulders, it is about building bone strength too.
A recent study has employed the use of a strength based exercise regime which has seen females of varying ages lifting weights up to 154lbs with a stark drop in bone fracture risk of up to 95%.
When compared to medications which only offer a reduced risk of fracture by 40%, it is clear that the exercise regime is the more effective option.
Furthermore, there was a reversal in osteoporosis symptoms by 75% as those women who took part saw an increase in their bone density.

More exciting results showed that even the postures of the participants improved which saw a height improvement of 1cm in one person.

This has led to an advancement of the program with over 1500 women in Australia now enrolled which is located in Brisbane.

A further trial showed that lifting weights increased the bone mass in the spine of 101 older women by 5% and nearly 2% at the hip.

This compares well to the leading bone prescription medication.

The study offers a glimmer of hope to not only the six million Australians who suffer from low bone density which see’s them at a higher risk of fracture but also the healthcare system which outlays around $697,00 in associated fracture treatments.

This cost is also predicted to rise substantially as the population ages.

What’s the cause?

For women in particular, as they age and go through the menopause during their late forties and earlier stages of their fifties they begin to experience a reduction in bone mass.

The problem is, that even fit and healthy active people can still suffer from osteoporosis if they do not lift weights.

Running and other aerobic exercises do not have the same strengthening effect that strength training does.

Strength training exercises the bone, this alongside adequate calcium and vitamin D3

will see a prevention of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The initial interest in strength training to increase and improve bone density was sparked by a noticeable bone density increase of women weight training in a gym, it was these initial findings that led to a clinical study.

As a result, the training regime now includes compound exercises that use multiple joint movements such as the deadlift and squat.

The regime consists of two training sessions per week lasting 30 minutes plus 15 minutes training balance exercises too.

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