Cheese Analogue…The SHOCKING Truth

Cheese Analogue…The SHOCKING Truth
Did you know what cheese analogue is?  Did you know it is present on most of your grocery store frozen pizzas and nearly all of your takeaway pizzas?
The Trading Standards Authority in the United Kingdom found that in one area, every pizza they analysed from 20 outlets contained cheese analogue.
Cheese analogues are usually defined as products made by blending individual constituents, including non-dairy fats or proteins,to produce a cheese-like product to meet specific requirements.
They are being used increasingly due to their cost-effectiveness, attributable to the simplicity of their manufacture and the replacement of selected milk ingredients by cheaper vegetable products.
Sales of cheese analogues are closely linked to developments in the convenience food sector, where they extend the supply and lower the cost. Moreover, there is an ever-increasing interest among consumers in food products which contain less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories.
Development of cheese analogues involves the use of fat and/or protein sources other than those native to milk, together with a flavor system simulating as closely as possible that of the natural product. It is also necessary to develop a suitable processing regime capable of combining these elements to provide the required textural and functional properties. Cheese analogues may be
regarded as engineered products.
The formulation for mozzarella is:
25% plastic cream (72% fat), 27% rennet casein along with 3% tri-sodium citrate as emulsifying salt, 2% maltodextrin as binder, 0.55% lactic acid as pH regulator, 1% common salt for seasoning, 1% Mozzarella cheese bud as flavouring and 40.4% water.
Sounds great, yum.
 Their major role at present is undoubtedly in the cost-cutting exercises of pizza manufacturers. You can see how fake mozzarella is produced below:
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