Common Medications That Can Reduce Testosterone

Common Medications That Can Reduce Testosterone

Sometimes it is the most common medications or recreational drugs that can cause low testosterone levels. If you are taking any of these for minor issues or not because you really need them, they are best avoided if you want a healthy testosterone level.


These are some of them, and how you should avoid them if your want sky high Testosterone.



It is often too easy to take a tablet when we have a slight headache from lack of sleep, a bit too much booze the night before or from staring at a computer screen for too long. These painkillers are called opioids and they act on the nervous system which signals to relieve pain.

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They impair your brain’s chemicals which instruct your testes to produce testosterone. In turn this can kill your libido and erections, if you have ever tried steroids before and when your cycle has finished and you have ever experienced ‘shit down’, this is a similar experience. It isn’t pleasant.



As well as sexual dysfunction caused by manipulated neurotransmitters in the brain it can cause low testosterone.



Therapy to lower cholesterol also appears to lower testosterone. 3500 men were tested and those on statins were twice as likely to develop low testosterone.



Used to treat fungal and yeast infections, available in a variety of applications, but can also lower testosterone.

Used for anything from heartburn to gastroesophageal reflux disease, if it is being used for the former, just deal with it otherwise you risk low T.

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Okay, not strictly a medication but many people turn to booze either to wind down in the evening or even if they’re functioning alcoholics, whereby they lead normal lifestyles but drink way more than the recommended daily allowance. These types of people can sometimes lead stressful lifestyles and you wouldn’t notice. It is a slippery slope with alcohol as it an extremely social drug. If there’s at least one good reason to ditch the booze or at least reduce your intake and that is because it is associated with low testosterone and altered levels of additional reproductive hormones.



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