Destroy Your Chest With Lee Priest’s Workout

Destroy Your Chest With Lee Priest’s Workout

Chest is best, am I right?

I bet you can also bench more than you can squat. What is is about a big, solid chest that just supersedes every other workout we should be doing?

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Well, like breasts, a good chest can just about cover up and excuse a multitude of misgivings and sins.

Nothing make you feel more powerful either, but realistically, unlike a strong back or legs, having a super strong chest does not really offer a great deal of day-to-day benefit.

It just looks and feels good.

So with vanity in full flow, who else better that to see a video of Lee Priest in his pomp destroy chest?

Here he is, the year is 1998, it is 0620, it is a Sunday and Lee arrives to World Gym up at Venice, CA in his black Hummer and that is a proper Hummer, none of that H2, H3 business. This is also way before his neck and facial tattoos as well.

Is there anything else you notice?

Yes the gym is empty. The gym is absolutely quiet. There’s no music, no phones and a distinct lack of Instagram ‘fitness models’ or showboating, it was all business.

Plus, he is here also performing dips. I often see very few people performing dips but they are an incredible exercise and should not be omitted from any muscle building regime.

He looks downright impressive here and his form is excellent. Enjoy.

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