Elite Runner Ryan Hall Turns To Weightlifting To Increase Testosterone Levels

Elite Runner Ryan Hall Turns To Weightlifting To Increase Testosterone Levels

Ryan Hall was suffering from low testosterone levels.  As an elite runner he was continuously conscious of his weight, trying to shave off any additional unwanted extra baggage to ensure he could hit his marathon PB of 2:04:58.

However, his previous training schedule created an under-developed physical appearance, lack of physical strength, chronic fatigue and horrendously low testosterone. It was these issues that prevented him from continuing his professional running career.

In a bizarre twist, Ryan, who admits he wanted to feel big and strong, turned to lifting weights and packed on 40 lbs of muscle.

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He turned to a makeshift gym in his garage up to 2 hours per day over 6 days per week, reversed the low testosterone side effects he was experiencing and re-energized his life.

The end result is that he has reinvented his body from a weak 127 lbs to a much more masculine 165 lbs.


What was once his maximum bench press of 100 lbs has doubled to over 200 lbs. However, he isn’t just focusing on one body part, he alternates days for arms, legs, chest and back to ensure an all over body development.

This new lease of life has allowed him to coach his wife Sara, who notably has just ran a career best 2:30:06 in London. He now also has the chance to focus on parenting their 4 adopted Ethiopian daughters.

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Ryan has found the new focus of his body transformation a real morale booster. From seeing no real difference in improvement on his running times over the past 4 years, to then building a body he is proud of in a fairly rapid period of time has boosted his confidence.

In order to not take anything away from his new physique, he limits his running to around 12 miles per week rather than his old routine of 12 miles per day.

His eating habits have also been turned on their head. Moving away from focusing on carbohydrates to increasing his protein intake and loading his day with 3500 calories worth of favorites such as fish and muscle milk pancakes in the hope he can become as big and muscular as he can.

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