Include These 3 Things In Your Diet Now

Include These 3 Things In Your Diet Now

There’s plenty of opinions and pieces of advice out there in the public, offering ever so increasing faddy ways in order to lose weight quickly and healthily, however, that’s all they are; fads. The old tried and tested way s are the most effective and that is to eat a well balanced plethora of foods and move about a bit more to burn the energy produced when these foods are consumed.

So what could we consider to be a healthy diet?


Wholesome and nutritious foods that are free from additives or preservatives, however, to find and eat items without additives and preservatives will be pretty hard unless you grow your own or constantly shop at places like wholefoods and even then you’ll be pushed.

However, most of the foods that we find in the Western world has little if any real nutritional value and we tend to consume far too much sugar and salt found in junk foods. If these convenience foods were cut of out your diet your health will benefit and you will start to lose weight.

Do not forget it is easy to consume high numbers of calories just by including dressings on seemingly healthy foods such as salads or sugar laden sauces on meats, so avoid sauces, dressings etc on your foods and even that can start to show good results over time.

1.Raw, uncooked foods


It is thought that raw, uncooked foods are the best way to extract the most nutrients when digested by the body. Infact, research suggests that we can get a whole one third of extra nutrients if we don’t cook things like vegetables. In many cases the taste of uncooked vegetables is much more appealing and we tend to eat more varieties if we say, have a salad. And, having a wider variety of vegetables is much better for us.

It is advised that we eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day, having raw fruit and veg is a much easier way to have them as a side dish for each meal making it simpler to hit our target.

Rather than cooking every food, consume some of it raw. According to research, raw vegetables and fruit can contain up to one-third more nutrients than cooked food and make you more likely to eat a variety. Consider that a salad usually contains 5 or more different types of vegetable whereas a side portion of cooked vegetables may only be 2 or 3.



The Omega-3 fats found in fish provide a wealth of health benefits. Most Westerner’s do not consume hardly any omega-3 fats and instead consume far too many omega-6 fats, which come primarily from seed oils in processed foods.

If you are not too keen on fish you can always take a supplement such as a fish oil capsule daily to get your required intake.

Research shows omega-3 fats can:

  • Reduce high cholesterol
  • Fight heart disease
  • Reduce diabetes risk
  • Build strong bones
  • Fight mental diseases
  • Regulate emotion control/impulse control
  • Improve the appearance of skin
  • Boost eye health
  • Reduce cancer risk
  • Soothe bowel disorders
  • Reduce inflammation

3.Other healthy fats to use with food


The general consensus over the years is that all fats are bad, however, it seems that some are very good for us and are a great addition to salads and cooking, however, it is important to get them the right way around. Avoid trans fats at all cost and vegetable oils, instead try using olive and nut oils for salads or to be used cold and coconut oil and animal fats such as butter and lard for cooking.

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