Killer Calves With Lee Priest

Killer Calves With Lee Priest

Build Bigger Calves

What can we lean from Lee Priest?

Who else better to ask than Lee Priest for his calf workout?

As ever, his advice is no compromising and straight from his tried and tested book of secrets…that’s not so secret as it’s just at home somewhere by the sound of it.

We’d love to see scans of that.

However, for all of the fancy machines available out there, just using body weight, high reps and a simple step either at home or work can help transform the muscle that most people feel is the hardest to gain mass.

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His calf training frequency extends to pretty much every day of the week with up to 7 sets. He mentioned a rep range of 100 too!

Calf Exercises

However, if that was too much for you to endure and you would rather read a little bit of advice from a reputable source, try clicking on the link below. [1]

This way you can learn about the structure of the muscles and how to develop them.

Because, you may not know this but there are two muscles per calf. That means, in total you legs have 4 calf muscles, not just the 2.

That’s what gives them that heart shaped formation.

These are called the:

  • gastrocnemius
  • soleus

an image outlining the two calf muscles and Achilles tendon

As you can see the gastrocnemius is the larger muscle that looks plump and rounded which gives the calf its overall shape.

However, the soleus stretches down each side of the Achilles tendon giving it a taper and width.


If you have no equipment and you don’t go to a gym, there’s plenty of options for you, so do not worry.

The simplest way to work your calves and develop their shape is by taking a step which you should stand on the edge with just your toes and the ball of your feet resting on the edge.

Let your muscles relax and allow your heel to lower so they are no longer level with your toes and should be lower than the ball of your feet.

Now just stand on tip toes so that the heel of your feet are higher than your toes and ball.

Lower the heel down again and repeat.

To increase the intensity just do it one foot at a time so there’s more body weight concentrating on the individual leg and foot.

Just make sure that you are holding on to a handle or a banister.

Life hack

Another quick and beneficial way to work you calves is to use the stairs.

Avoid escalators and elevators where possible and hit the staircase, or walk uphill.

This way you’re giving your calves a workout without even being in the gym and at the same time you are having a cardio workout instead of just gently raising and lowering your legs in one position.

If you have plenty of space try car pushing or sled pushes.

The weight, resistance and pressure on your calves will burn the muscle while working other areas of your body too.

And, soon enough, you will get those calves to match the rest of your physique.



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