Is A Mediterranean Diet Good For The Body And The Brain?

Is A Mediterranean Diet Good For The Body And The Brain?

Improve your overall physical and cognitive health.

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Green vegetables and lots of grains are on the hit list to help prevent cognitive decline.

The Mediterranean diet which includes lots of leafy green vegetables, grains, berries, nuts and seeds plus fish, olive oils, notwithstanding lentils and legumes are the key to good cognitive health.

It seems all of these foods all comprise of differing components that provide either neuroprotective properties or brain fuel for healthy function.

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This Mediterranean diet comprises of less red meats and processed foods which are linked to diseases.

Studies have shown that foods that are great for the physical functioning of the body are also key for the brain.

One must also not neglect brain training comprising of memory tests and strategy challenges. It has also been shown that exercise is an important component of cognitive function and must not be overlooked.


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