My TestoFuel Testosterone Booster & Instant Knockout Fat Burner Stacked Month Trial Results

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TestoFuel & Instant Knockout Stack

Author: Ben is committed to writing about his experiences in the gym and the supplements he uses. This site was established after he had tried many lackluster products and wanted to understand how best to increase muscle and strength.

Having graduated with a Bachelors degree in 2005 Ben had also been playing rugby since the age of 6. He is now a member of the Army Reserve and looking to become a PTI.

I trial the best fat burner and test booster

So, for a while I have wanted to stack and trial what we consider to be the best testosterone booster and the best fat burner available today.

I wanted to try it over a month to see if there would be any realistic results from typical everyday life.

This means that instead of taking a month off work and responsibilities to push myself, nutrition and supplements to the limit, everything would have to fit around my daily life and schedule.

In essence, while it is great seeing fitness and health ambassadors all over social media their lifestyle does not represent the everyday supplement user.

We do not always have the opportunity to get up at 5am to hit the gym and have a meal painstakingly formulated by counting macros.

Nor can the normal person hit the gym at precise times throughout the week while being provided with every supplement for free.

Nope, there’s the challenges of work, family, commuting and balancing accounts. Plus there is user experience…


Many people who are new to supplements may be quite wary of trying something new or shelling out cash for something they may not be too sure or confident about.

Essentially, supplements are a trial and error process.

They are not carefully regulated. We are not talking about aspirin here. There aren’t thousands of studies on humans with careful monitoring of the results.

Many supplements are formulated with ingredients that are ‘supposed’ to be effective.

Studies have found that ‘test boosters’ can be used to rapidly improve muscle, but they highlighted that there are issues over safety and regulation. [1]

Equally, for weight loss and fat burner supplements, the market is growing at a rate much faster than scientific research can keep up with. [2]

Lots of supplements contain ingredients that have never been tested on humans, so how do you (the consumer) really know how effective they will be?

You don’t, until you try it for yourself. You find that one didn’t work, so you move on to the next supplement and spend more money.

testofuel testosterone booster and instant knockout supplements side by side

However, as with most products it can be fairly unlikely that you will see a great deal of results unless a strict training and nutritional plan is adhered to over this period.

I thought it would be good to do 2 videos (I ended up doing 3), one before and one after, as you can probably see I wasn’t very exact with my timings or much else if I am being honest.

However, what I did do correctly was take the pills and hit the gym, pushing myself to the max when I could find the time to get in there.

Training Commences

So I started on the Queen of England’s Birthday as it was a fairly memorable date in the UK calendar.

squat rack with weights attached to a cable pulley extension system

One of the reasons I really wanted to do this was because of my well documented shoulder injury.

If you are new to this site I was suffering and still a to a degree from tendinitis in my left shoulder, it was giving me constant and considerable issues throughout most of the rugby season not helped by the constant physicality of the game.

I have, now had a cortisol injection that was administered by the doctor to the rear of my shoulder.

This was completely painless, and I found it offered a degree of pain relief. However, it did not completely eradicate the pain.

What that meant was I could not do much in the way of shoulder or chest exercises and I can still not perform the flat bench with a barbell to my previous peak of 147.5kg/325lbs.

Not to mention the long recovery times I am now experiencing being a bit older after games. This meant I was losing strength and size which started to really annoy me.

However, the rugby season ended in April so I wanted to grasp the opportunity of smashing the gym and regaining some of my lost strength.


So, I started taking my 8 pills per day (4 for each product) and hitting the gym doing mainly compound exercises.

I also included some lateral raises to help with the recovery of my shoulder, neck extensions and mainly tricep pull downs for my arms.

I must admit I did neglect my biceps quite a bit and I did calf raises too.

My chest workout consists of weight dips instead of using the barbell, it is the pronated grip of a barbell that hurts my shoulder whereas a neutral grip performing dips does not.

I was working out twice per week for usually an hour and a half at a time and a part from some casual walking I did not do any cardiovascular exercise.

My diet is generally the same and fairly consistent, it is imperative to stress that I do not count, calculate or even rub macros in my eyes.

I’m not a professional sportsman, fitness model, personal trainer or anything like that. I work in commercial property sales and spend around 4 hours per day commuting in my car.

I get the need for balance, proteins, carbs etc but I do not have the time nor the inclination to do ‘food prep’ or bore anyone with nutrient talk.


My mornings start off with 4 whole eggs on cheese on wholegrain or seeded toast.

Lunch is generally half a pack of flavored cous cous, cheese, can of tuna, chilli sauce and maybe a poached egg.

I will probably snack on a protein bar mid afternoon and then before I drive home I tend to have a bowl of muesli.

Dinner times if I am at home may vary from just having steak or some other meat.

Occasionally it is just a cheese toasty with baked beans or tuna depending on how much time I have or even whether or not I have gone shopping.

Throw in bits of fruit here and there with lots of coffee and you’ve pretty much got it.

I don’t drink much water but do drink loads of instant coffee – I just prefer it to filter coffee.

I will also have a vitamin tablet that dissolves in to water as well. Usually in the morning.

TestoFuel & Instant Knockout Trial Results

testofuel and instant knockout experiment results

Well, like a dickhead, I didn’t realise I had actually got two events in that particular month.

The first was a rugby tour for a long weekend where we consistently drank booze and were eating fairly unhealthy food.

The second was an all-inclusive week away to Ibiza.

Obviously this resulted in loads of beer being drank all day everyday plus my usual sessions with friends at the weekend.

However, the results were quite staggering if I am being honest.

body fat index chart

I maintained a pretty much constant level of BFI throughout, now you may think that there’s been no result.

However, let me assure you that drinking 10 pints of Guinness in one evening is 2100 calories.

And, I was doing plenty of that plus other bad foods etc so to maintain the same BFI over a particularly heavy month of partying and not playing rugby nor doing any cardio I was pretty impressed.

But the biggest changes were my muscles.

I was and still am determined when I hit the gym as I love being strong so tend to go for heavy lifts with fewer reps, so imagine my surprise when not only was I increasing overall weight lifted but my measurements rocketed.

The most startling being my neck and chest, the former jumping 0.5 inch and the latter 2 inches!

Those dips are often over looked by gym goers but are a fantastic way to target your whole upper body.

My Verdict

1Well, okay, it is not exact science, I didn’t take my measurements exactly 30 days from when I started and I didn’t stick to any real regime or diet.

However, for a regular guy like myself and perhaps yourself I did manage to hit some good and satisfactory numbers.

Maybe because I had lost some strength and size over the previous 6 months muscle memory helped with rapid size and strength gains.

However, everybody is different, we all have different DNA, rates of recovery, body composition et cetera.

Yet, the results are there, I felt great whilst doing the trial, my strength increased.

I was doing 3×3 200kg/440lbs deadlifts, strapping 50kg/110lbs to my torso for doing dips whilst weighing in around 91kg/200lbs, or doing pull ups with 35kg/77lbs chained to me.

I did find it annoying taking 8 pills per day, it does become a bit laborious in all honesty but I felt the benefits really did outweigh the inconvenience and moving forward, having just returned from another holiday away with the lads.

I will continue supplementing with Instant Knockout and TestoFuel for further development.

Definitely worth giving it a go. Why don’t you post your results below for others to hear about?


[1] Effect of testosterone boosters on body functions: Case report.

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