Do Not Swallow Vitamin Supplements With THESE Drinks

How do you swallow your vitamin and fitness supplements?

Usually with what ever fluid you have with you, right?

I mean, what’s it matter? You should need to wash the bitter tasting pill down. Why not wash your testosterone booster supplement and a number of vitamin plus fat burner pills down your neck with a pre workout formula? Or even, a cup of tea with your cucumber sandwiches in your pith helmet surveying the Empire?

However, I must stop you there…Yep, hold the cup of tea old bean, because drinking tea with vitamins can make them ineffectual. That means they will not work properly. The effects maybe nil.

This especially rings true for the Brits out there who are spending nearly $570 million on vitamins and minerals.

In fact nearly half of all Brits are daily users and I can bet you more than half of all Brits are tea drinkers considering over 165 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK per day – that is over 2 cups per person.

What most people do  not appreciate and understand is that the way supplements are taken is just as important as what you are taking.

There is no point spending large amounts of supplements if you neglect the directions of how to consume them negating their effects.

Therefore, the tannins found in a simple cup of tea can prevent the absorption of iron.

Do you drink smoothies with green vegetables such as Kale?

Or even consume your supplements while eating a meal?

Well…oxalates found in some leafy green vegetables can mess around with the absorption of Calcium.

Recent studies have shown that 22% of Britons are deficient in Vitamin D (not surprising considering the weather) and that 1 in 12 women were low on Vitamin B12 levels.

So, the best advice is to read the advice on the label.

Failing that, always take your supplements with a large glass of water and on an empty stomach.

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