Pre workout!

Pre workout! - pre workout meal – pre workout meal

Preparation food for a workout is key to be able to apply maximum effort.  Do not wait too long nor hit the weights too soon after eating.  Many pre-workout supplements are available on the market that promise much but really strip your pockets of money and your teeth of enamel!


The best option is to have a simple meal that you can digest easily and train about 1 – 2 hours afterwards, your body will be able to tell you.  I usually wait about an hour, however, if I am going to be deadlifting I can leave it a while longer to ensure I am not sick.  I usually have a coffee prior too just to perk me up and aid concentration; again you will know if this suits you, your body and training routine. - pre workout meal – pre workout meal

The meal should be rich in complex carbohydrates.  Complex carbs are required to sustain your energy throughout your workout – for me there is nothing worse than an empty feeling in my stomach be it lifting or on the rugby field.  Through trial and error you will find what food works for you and the timings.  It could well be muesli or sweet potato with cottage cheese, pasta or one of my favorites: eggs with cheese and either whole-grain toast/bread roll or rice.  Some people prefer a protein shake if it is easiest to digest for them.  Once you find your perfect match, stick with it, it will be something less to worry about and allow you to focus on your weights rather than having any discomfort to think about.

As already mentioned, intensive exercises such as the deadlift or squat can induce vomiting regardless of the food your ingested, however, by keeping a lid on your pre workout food will add confidence and allow you to fully concentrate on your growth.


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