Say NO To A Proprietary Blend

Say NO To A Proprietary Blend

Propriety blends are used in abundance for many products to hide the exact content.

This practice is commonly used in hair care products and supplements, but it is a scam.

LAST UPDATED: February 2019 by Ben.

What is a proprietary blend and why should you avoid it?

If you read my reviews on testosterone boosters, fat burners and other supplements you will see I hate the use of a proprietary blend.

I first became aware of proprietary blends when I bought my first test booster, it consisted of a proprietary blend by which the manufacturer sold the product by claiming the product was so powerful they had to keep the combination of ingredients and doses per individual ingredient a secret.

I was young, naive and had done very little research.

Obviously I believed the hype. I did buy it after all.

I thought that what I had bought was basically a steroid and I was boarding the lines of legality.

I took them with vigor and noticed no results. Not to worry, on to the next product.

However, further down the line I watched the film Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

It was then that I understood what a proprietary blend was.

It was since then that I have always checked the ingredients profile and whether it is transparent or hidden behind the veil of a proprietary blend.

What is it then?

This short video explains why you too should avoid any SUPPLEMENT that lists a proprietary blend in the ingredients.

However, to summarise, a proprietary blend is used by supplement manufacturing companies to conceal the doses of each ingredient included.

However, legally as long as there is at least a trace amount they can include it on the ingredient panel list.

Therefore a daily serving may consist of 1000mg of the combined ingredients.

There may be 10 ingredients included, however, each one of those could just be a trace amount.

The combined 10 ingredients could just make up 1mg of the 1000mg, with 999mg being merely rice powder as a bulking agent.

Remember, this practice is common and completely legal.

Say no to a proprietary blend
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Say no to a proprietary blend
A quick review of what a propriety blend is

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