Strength Training Reduces Death

Strength Training Reduces Death

Strength Training Is As Important As Cardiovascular Exercise For Improved Health

Recent findings from a study emanating from the University of Sydney, Australia, show encouraging promise that health risks are lowered by strength training as much as aerobic training.

These finding place both forms of exercise on an even keel.
In fact, these findings are suggesting that muscle building exercises can lower the risk of cancer and all causes of death.

However, many people are put off by strength training due to limitations in equipment, the sometime technical nature of the movements plus the demanding and intense nature.
Whereas going for a jog or a bike ride can be seen as more accessible and easier to perform.

This is not to say that aerobic exercise is without benefit, there are plenty of studies that prove the benefits or aerobic exercise.


Data was sourced from the other side of the world in the United Kingdom.
The National Health Service survey data was then analysed which covered over 80,000 adults of the age of 30 and above.

While the study was purely observational, there were set measures in place to ensure consistency.

Variables such as age, sex, health, education and lifestyle behavior was all taken in to context.

The analysis discovered that of the surveyed individuals, those who were active participants in strength related exercise showed a massive 31% reduction in cancer related death.

All cause death was actually reduced by a significant 23% according to the research headed up by Dr. Stamatakis from the University.

These results really do cement the importance of strength training in everyone’s life to improve overall health.

The research team do believe that these results should encourage more people to take up strength training.

Strength Training Is Accessible

Leading a more healthy and active lifestyle is now widely encouraged by many governments and authorities whereby it can reduce the operational cost of health care organizations.

However, it does tend to focus on aerobic exercise, this is most likely down to the lack of study in the benefits of strength training, but also the ease of access to swimming and jogging.

That said, more can be done by authorities to encourage people to take up all forms of exercise.

Results from the Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey illustrated this by showing that 85% of the population fail to reach the recommended physical activity target.

Jogging and swimming may not be for everyone, and while there should be more participation of physical activity, it should be pointed out that the benefits of strength training can be achieved with very little.

One area of concern for people is that they may feel they have to join a gym and potentially experience the ‘weights room’ and its characters.

This is not necessarily the case.

There’s not the need for specialist equipment when the basic strength exercises can be performed at home, for free.

Sit ups, pull ups, press ups and squats can be all done at home with minimal or no equipment.

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