Super Abbreviated Training Program

Super Abbreviated Training Program - abbreviated training – abbreviated training

Regardless of what all of the supplement companies recommend, a natural lifter cannot effectively exercise all of the major muscle groups twice a week, our training programs 1 and 2 are fairly abbreviated and are only recommended at most on a Monday and a Thursday (for example) to allow adequate rest for recovery.

However, we can really strip even these aforementioned routines down primarily by dropping the accessory exercises and even by reducing the major exercises; this doesn’t mean you neglect big areas of musculature.

It is entirely possible to exercise the body’s major musculature with just a few exercises, yet these have to be the very best exercises selected.  Just three exercises such as the trap/hex bar deadlift, dips and pull ups cover the major musculature of the body. Try performing these every Wednesday and Sunday.  Then you can change it to squats, bench press and bent over row for instance after a few months.

The idea that many exercises are required to make you big and strong is incorrect and mainly championed by those who seek make money from this ideology i.e gymnasiums, supplement manufacturers and some personal trainers.

This style of abbreviated training is perfect for those with little spare time, or trainee’s who have reached a ‘wall’ with their training gains or even hard gainers who find it extremely difficult to pack on mass.  Even if you are none of the these it is worth trying a super abbreviated training routine to see your gains increase to a startling level never thought possible.  As previously mentioned you can also rotate the 3 major exercises after a few months.

Your training routine will be scaled right back, this is the absolute basic and the core of any training routine is built on.  Your rest days will be many times more than your training days.

Weighted pull / chin ups are a great compound exercise to build mass and strength.

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