Say NO To Tribulus When Choosing A Testosterone Booster

tribulus plant

We look at the effects tribulus terrestris has on testosterone levels and whether the folk lore matches the scientific evidence.

LAST UPDATED: April 2019 by Ben.

Tribulus Terrestris: The Facts

If you are a regular reader of our site and particularly of our testosterone boosters you may have sensed my frustration and annoyance of tribulus.

It is not proven to increase testosterone on any level. [1]

In fact there are studies which discount any theory of possible androgenic properties of tribulus. [2]


Furthermore, there are some very real potential health issues if you are a woman and wish to supplement tribulus.

If you are pregnant, tribulus terrestris may harm the development of the fetus.

Tribulus may also decrease blood sugar levels which could be harmful for those with diabetes. [3]

Watch my short video as to why you should say no to any testosterone booster that includes tribulus.

Tribulus Review Video





Tribulus Does Not Increase Testosterone Levels
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Tribulus Does Not Increase Testosterone Levels
We look at the reasons why tribulus