Veterans Are SHOCKED To Hear This

Veterans Are SHOCKED To Hear This

The U.S. Army has started phasing out sit-ups for some soldiers, and the Navy and Marine Corps are considering new fitness requirements. Personal trainers and military advisers now believe that sit-ups are dangerous, because they put too much pressure on the spine. They say men and women should replace them with the plank pose, which is when you stay in the upward part of a push-up.

Meet the world record holder for a weighted plank

An editorial in Navy Times, which covers the US Navy, recently called for sit-ups to be banned completely. It called them an ‘outdated exercise today viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries’. The Navy is said to be currently reviewing it fitness requirements. The US Marine Corps is also reviewing its physical fitness and body composition standards – in an attempt to improve fitness and reduce injuries. If soldiers are injured, it reduces the overall effectiveness of the Corps.

The Canadian Armed Forces have already forged ahead with this and phased out sit-ups; in replacement, their soldiers now lift 44-pound sandbags.

Numerous studies in biomechanics illustrate sit-ups can squeeze the discs in the spine. Over time they can bulge which presses on nerves, causes pain and can lead to a hernia.

Alternatively, there is the plank which is a great measure of core strength or hanging leg raises which doesn’t apply heavy pressure on the spine. The former requires no equipment and the latter just a straight bar to hang from – both pretty ‘squaddie proof’ as the Brits would call it.

I personally prefer the latter if I ever do any abdominal isolation exercises, hanging leg raises also increases grip strength for those times when boxes of ammo or Jerry cans of fuel need carrying.

hanging leg raise

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