Vitamin D3 Increases Overall Sporting Performance

Scientists have discovered that getting enough of Vitamin D3 can speed up your recovery from sessions and enhance your overall exercise performance. And, as athletes, it could be that you not only need more vitamin D to sustain repeated physical demands on your body but you are more likely to be deficient in it in the first place.

It is said that many conventional training habits, especially during winter, compound the lack of vitamin D available to our bodies. This can be due to a vast array of reasons, and not just because people train indoors, people train at night, dawn, wearing skin tight compression gear etc and it all prevents your body getting the suns rays.

It is clear from studies that the impact that dwindling vitamin D has on many aspects of fitness.  Vitamin D3 is more like a steroid hormone than a vitamin in the way it acts on the body and one side-effect of low values is diminished muscle function. It is needed by stem cells for muscle regeneration and recovery after a hard session and there is evidence it might protect immune functions during periods of intensive training.


rugby injury

It has also been found that a vitamin D supplement which was given to a group of swimmers, who trained predominantly indoors, seemed to offer protection against muscle injuries compared with training partners who took a daily placebo.

More than three quarters of the injuries recorded between September and March happened after a substantial drop in blood levels of vitamin D, leaving the authors to conclude “supplementation could prove to be an easy and affordable method to preserve bone and decrease risk of injury”.



Up to one person in three now takes a D3 supplement at some time during the year; its popularity buoyed by evidence that higher levels offer greater protection against some diseases.

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With growing awareness about the heightened risks of skin cancer among athletes, experts remain cautious about advocating sun exposure without sunscreen. However, approximately 15 minutes per day with your face and arms exposed is probably enough.

The darker your skin, the more time you will spend longer in the sun to produce the same amount of vitamin D. Without exception, all experts agree that the skin should never be allowed to redden or burn.

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