Youngsters Development Could Be Hindered By Poor Personal Trainer Coaching

Youngsters Development Could Be Hindered By Poor Personal Trainer Coaching

There are reports and concerns floating around regarding the quality of many inexperienced personal trainers that are now on the scene due to the rise in popularity of body building and fitness.


The concerns are regarding these newly qualified coaches and trainers whom may not have the best interests of the trainees at heart, and while teenager’s competing has risen some experts are believing that the sport can have a negative impact on vulnerable adolescents who are ill prepared for the pressures, as a result, some people end up training the wrong people.

The problems could well stem from the lack of legislation surrounding the qualifications of personal training and nutrition. There are a myriad of courses available to take in personal training and nutrition which can be confusing, an industry standard needs to be put in place as currently those completing courses are not necessarily good coaches.

It is also key for coaches to recognize the line of professionalism by knowing when to not get too involved in their clients’ personal lives.

It is also worth noting that going in to competitive bodybuilding is a tough sport with many sacrifices to be made as well as strict diets and regimes leading up to the competition.

The reality is that even though young people are going to the gym, noticing changes to their body and other guys saying they look great and getting likes on Facebook and Instagram whilst in competition they will be up against other competitors and the judges have to make a decision who wins and who doesn’t, even when the competition is overwhelmingly good. Someone still has to come first and someone last. This can be particularly tough on young people who can get caught up in being ‘stage ready’, as a result their mental well-being can often be overlooked.

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