3 Back Exercises That ACTUALLY Work

3 Back Exercises That ACTUALLY Work

As the new year actually sets in and many people start to hit the gym, most will (as I did initially) start smashing the chest and arms…it’s natural, you can see your progress really easily and so can the chicks in the bars and clubs.

However, realistically, to have an impressive 360 degree physique, you must not neglect your back or legs; sure, it is wayyyyyy easier to hide your scrawny chicken legs from the babes…until you realize you are off to Cancun in 2 weeks time and those shorts are going to expose your literal and figurative weakness.

But let’s forget legs at the moment and concentrate on our back.  A good, strong and solid back not only looks great but it is also imperative to help you build a bigger chest and shoulders, it also helps your posture and stability – so we’re not just talking vanity here.

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