Sabrina Coates Bikini Competitor

Sabrina Coates Bikini Competitor

We Speak to Sabrina Coates

Sabrina is a certified personal trainer and a competitive bikini model athlete.

We first noticed Sabrina’s continued rise via Facebook where we eagerly witnessed her place in the UKBFF finals and then represent the United Kingdom in the Mr. Olympia Model Search held in Las Vegas.

Sabrina has also featured in Muscles & Fitness Magazine in the United Kingdom too!

Since then we have been keen to speak with Sabrina and see whether she would be able to take some time out from her busy schedule and give us a rare glimpse in to her daily life.

Sabrina, ever the professional, did not disappoint…so we fired some questions over to her.

sabrina coates bikini competitor with a trophy

All the training for competitions must be extremely time consuming, what is your daily routine/weekly routine?

I work a 9-5 job in the office so it’s important I am organised to fit in my workouts, posing practise and food prep into my daily routine, whilst also allowing down time to relax.

During competition season I am weight training 6 days a week and cardio will vary from zero to up to 6 times a week closer to shows.

During my off season I have reduced weight training down to 5 days a week to allow my body to rest slightly more so I have more energy to kick off next year.
Example Workout routine during off season

Mon: Legs
Tue: Shoulders
Wed: Hamstrings & Glutes
Thurs: Back, Chest, Arms
Fri: Hamstring & Glutes

Abs and calves once a week added onto the end of workouts

Nutrition is vitally important, what route do you go down?

I currently eat 5 meals a day and another meal post workout (weights).

It’s important to keep variation in my diet, one so I don’t get bored and two to ensure I get all my vitamins and minerals.

I am usually on a high carbohydrate diet because I don’t build muscle easily, my staple carb sources are oats, sweet potato and rice.

I know these agree with my body and I love them so I tend to stick with them and vary them with different cooking methods.

Food Plan:

Meal 1: 6am
Pwo: 8am
Meal 2: 11am
Meal 3: 2.30pm
Meal 4: 6pm
Meal 5: 9pm

What was the trigger that made you interested in fitness?

I have always been active and interested in sport from a young age.

I was living in Auckland, NZ for a few years and this is where I became truly passionate about it again.

I was spending time with bodybuilders and became interested in that particular aspect of the sport and it all developed from there!

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I was lucky enough to go to out to Las Vegas and represent the UK in the Mr. Olympia model search.

I go through to the finals and made first callouts. Although I didn’t place in this competition I am so thankful for the opportunity of going over there and experiencing my first international competition.

When you get a chance for a breather between work and training what do you like to do in your spare time away from competing?

Whilst I am not in the gym I enjoy spending time with my friends going away for weekends and enjoying a change of scenery.

I also have a dog so I enjoy taking him out and spoiling him!

We would like to thank Sabrina for her time and would urge you to check out Sabrina’s Facebook page and also her Instagram for continued updates of Sabrina’s workouts, nutrition and competitions.

We wish Sabrina all the luck and hope to catch up with her again in the near future!


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