4 Ways To Improve Your Working Memory

4 Ways To Improve Your Working Memory

Our working memory is part of our overall cognitive function and is the ability to recall and process information. As such, it is a vital part of our overall function throughout our lives, therefore it is clear that a good working memory and overall cognitive function would improve our life from the early days of learning through to adulthood and into our more senior years.

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Whilst there is no magic formula or ’band aid’ style immediate fix it to improve our working memory and overall cognitive function, there are a few ways that have shown to enhance cognitive function, your brain, like a muscle, the brain requires ‘working out’ and nutrition for it to develop and improve over time.

These methods include:

Brain training

Certain supplements




Brain Training:

As with a bicep or any other muscle, your brain needs training to improve its function. However, instead of strapping a lifting harness to your head (which is an effective way of strengthening your neck) you complete a number of tests that are regularly administered. These can be a number of repetitive memory tests which will target the mechanisms involved in the function of working memory.


There are now supplements known as nootropics which contain a plethora of vitamins and nutrients which are known to ensure the brain, as an organ is fully nourished, like a muscle or any other organ, unless it has the food it requires it will not function properly. Ingredients include:


Medications can also help, however, how you obtain these can be much more difficult. Drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders are usually seen to be able to improve memory functions of healthy people. Stimulants too, which are normally prescribed to treat people with ADHD have been found to enhance cognitive performance.


Exercising is widely regarded as an effective way to de-stress, clear your mind and improve overall health, however, a study has shown that running whilst bare foot is an effective way to improve cognitive performance by up to 16% when compared to running whilst wearing shoes.

This is because when we run barefoot, much more thought and consideration is being processed as we look to avoid where to place our feet as not to hurt or injure ourselves. Thus it seems logical that barefoot running requires much more involvement of our brain and working memory to avoid a painful encounter. As such our cognitive function is being exercised as well as our cardiovascular system.

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