Improve Cognitive Health With Exercise

Improve Cognitive Health With Exercise





Cognitive Decline Risk

As people age, many reduce their levels of physical activity, however, it has been noted in studies that if you increase your physical activity levels when you age it can reduce the negative effects of aging with your brain as well as physical mobility.

In fact, did you know that an increase in physical exercise can actually lengthen the time seniors can lead an active lifestyle as well as improve brain efficiency by up to 36%.

This is because our brains are able to repair and create new connections, as a result certain activities and habits can help prevent the inevitable aging process and all that comes with it.

Most people as they age suffer from cognitive decline, this is whereby they suffer from memory problems, being distracted easily, losing focus and forgetting what you were supposed to be doing if you are interrupted halfway through a task.


Brain function is built upon proper, healthy nutrition.

As a result, if someone is not eating and consuming the correct vitamins and minerals they can experience cognitive decline at any age, not just when they are seniors.

However, it is when we do age and we tend to eat less, become physically less able and generally slow down that the decline becomes more evident.

We should make sure that we eat foods that consist of leafy greens and Omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts, oily fish, grains and legumes.

Yet, it isn’t only nutrition which helps reverse the symptoms of decline, studies have shown that a strong regime of exercise also contributes to rebuilding the connections in the brain.

Physical Activity

These studies have shown that exercise not only helps the physical side of our body such as joints, cardiovascular function, lung capacity, digestion, muscle development and fat mass regulation but also brain function.

This is because any exercise can increase blood flow and oxygen intake which can fill the brain with required nutrients and oxygen which is required for optimal and normal brain function.


The results from numerous reputable institutions have been staggering.

It shows that those people who participated in moderate to vigorous levels of exercise can delay cognitive decline by up to 10 years and improve their cognitive health by 36%.

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You can also incorporate natural nootropic supplements with a healthy exercise and nutrition regime to improve your cognitive health moreso.

Effective nootropics such as Mindlab Pro include all of the key vitamins and minerals required by the brain for effective function.

Combined with the exercise which is able to ensure that the brain is delivered all of the vital nutrients, oxygen and elements which can help repair connections such as enzymes plus being able to fight off any toxins and free radicals.

It is noted that regular exercise is also able to improve sleep, when we sleep our bodies recover properly and we excrete growth hormone for muscular development.

Adequate sleep can also improve social interaction as well as emotional health.

Increased social activity can increase brain function due to experiencing new experiences which can test the brain and create new or repair old, broken connections.

Learning new skills also improve brain function such as memory formation and recall plus a reduction of stress.

Because exercise increase blood flow this is great news for our brain because it consists of blood vessels, therefore, to keep the brain ticking over it is paramount that blood flow is increased.

If adults become sedentary for lack of exercise they will not increase or maintain the size of the hippocampus in the brain which is the part responsible for brain processing as well as storing and retrieving memories.

It is all too common to hear that if your muscles are no longer used, they will reduce and lose their ability to function as well as they used to.

The same principals stand for brain function too. To improve and maintain brain agility, it must be worked, tested, given the correct nutrition and increase blood flow.

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