5 Post Training Hacks // Do These To Optimize Your Training

5 Post Training Hacks // Do These To Optimize Your Training

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There’s nothing more satisfying that the release of endorphin’s after you have been on a hardcore fitness session.

However, you shouldn’t just leave it at that, basking in your own feels. No, in order to maintain tip top shape and to keep your body running in a good order there are some aftercare tips that should be taken on board. If you don’t, you can be exposing yourself to risk of injury either now or much further down the line…perhaps when you are not feeling quite as youthful and energetic.

So, to try and avoid muscle soreness and fatigue, let’s look through 5 hacks that can keep you firing on all cylinders.

  1. Foam Rolling

Foam rollers are cheap, readily available and have become extremely popular for all of the right reasons – they work.

They can help relieve knots, tension and assist with flexibility. This is done by rolling out areas of connective tissue and allowing the joint to move more freely.

  1. Supplements

Supplements must not take the place of real food, however, they can be the little difference which makes a big impact. Or offer additional nutrients required in a convenient package. The options available are much wider than even 10 years ago. While there is the everlasting protein, there’s a range of products such as fat burners, testosterone boosters and even ‘smart drugs’ under the guise of nootropics.

The issue is now finding what is effective to provide you with all of the benefits and what isn’t.

  1. Eat Well

As soon as you finish at the gym have something in your bag such as a banana, nuts or even a yogurt. Eating this will starve off any major food cravings that may lure you to the drive thru on the way home. Once home and temptation resisted eat something nutritious, loaded with healthy fats, protein and good carbs from whole foods. Check out some idea’s here.

  1. Stretching

I am my own worse nightmare for this. I rarely stretch off after working out, even after rugby I would much rather stroll to the locker room and grab a beer. However, stretching is extremely beneficial even if you cannot really appreciate it at the time.

The importance of stretching isn’t for immediate effect but for the next day. Stretching your muscle after a workout releases the lactic acid build up in the muscle, this routine can significantly lower aches and pains the next day.


  1. Anti-Inflammation Products

While inflammation can be more than just joint pain, this is where you will most likely be aware of it. If you have been pounding the treadmill of field and especially if your chose sport requires lots of sudden movements, acceleration and deceleration. Therefore, you may wish to invest in a supplement that contains boron for instance or anti-inflammatory gels. These can help relieve the symptoms of pain and tension.

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