Potential Wonder Supplement For Asthma Sufferer’s | The Importance Of Vitamin D

Recent studies that have come to light show that vitamin D supplementation is likely to reduce severe asthma exacerbation’s when taken alongside standard medication according to the researchers at Queen Mary University of London, UK.


It was found by the researchers that an oral dose of a vitamin D supplement halved the risks which lead to severe asthma exacerbation’s which lead to hospital admissions from 6% to just 3% from an analysis of 435 children and 658 adults with a clinical diagnosis of asthma.


What the report also noted was that those participants from the study who were administered vitamin D experienced far fewer asthma attacks that required oral steroid treatment.


Although it was noted that this study was highly interesting and encouraging, the researchers were quick to say it was too early to start recommending vitamin D supplements to patients with asthma and expect solid results. The current research does not yet distinguish whether the supplementation would work in all patients of whether it is just those who a deficient in vitamin D.



That said, lead author of the report, Prof. Adrian Martineau found it hard to quell his excitement since the results ‘found that taking a vitamin D supplement in addition to standard asthma treatment significantly reduced the risk of a severe asthma attack, without causing side effects.’


This comes when the body, Public Health England (Government Body) recommended in July that everyone sold start to consider taking a vitamin D supplement as well as a more recent study that vitamin D supplementation may help ward off depression too.


The National Health Service of the UK has noted that the cost of vitamin D prescriptions already costs the NHS £85m per year while taking up valuable nurse and doctor time.


However, the costs of vitamin D supplements is low to buy over the counter and could well be considered by many people.


The Gold Standard Report concluded: ‘Meta-analysis of a modest number of trials in people with predominantly mild to moderate asthma suggests that vitamin D is likely to reduce both the risk of severe asthma exacerbation and healthcare use.’

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