A Word On Genetics!

A Word On Genetics!

62bd1c6d613d49358b5d1c2ff67f13b6Very few people have the genetics required in order to have the potential to be able to to build physiques to the standards of today’s competitive bodybuilders. And, if we are truly honest with ourselves, neither do they to an extent because whilst they are naturally gifted (genetics wise) they can only reach the standard they are at with supplementation of steroids, growth hormone etc. So don’t feel too upset when you can only bench 200lbs!

Your body will only let you go as far as your genetics allow, regardless of how well you train and recuperate. However, you will not know what your genetics will permit until you go as far as you can.  Many people have made massive transformations by having will power instead of complaining that they have imperfections.

Assuming you are a physiologically mature adult, then after three to five years of training and recuperating consistently well, with no set backs or wasted periods (10 pints of Guinness and 16 Jager Bombs anyone?), even a change of approach may not make a significant difference for muscular development, although total fitness may be improved further.

Although you may not be able to increase muscle mass (without steroid assistance) further, if you become leaner and stronger, and fitter in your cardiovascular system, you will still make progress in your physique and overall well-being.

Be the best you can, take inspiration from others – there’s always someone out there that has been dealt a shittier card than you, but it depends who has the most determination and will power to succeed. Although physically you may not be able to feature on the cover of Men’s Health, if you do not even train at all you will never feel the real world benefits of a healthy body.

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