ProHormones – My Epistane experience

ProHormones – My Epistane experience

I had read about prohormones and how they are legal to buy and use. Obviously I wanted to try it and see what the results were.


My interest in ProHormones stemmed from an article I read regarding the high number of banned sportspeople in the United Kingdom being rugby union and rugby league players.

As a (distinctly amateur) rugby player and being now over the age of 30 I am acutely aware of the stress your body goes through and the desire to be bigger, faster, stronger, fitter and for the love of God, being able to recover before your next match.


I noticed that in the article a particular player had been banned because he had tested positive for steroids after using a product called Pro-SD.

This it turns out is Superdrol which is actually a marketing name for Methyldrostanolone; a powerful anabolic steroid that was developed in the late 1950’s, resurfaced again in the 2000’s but was never banned in the USA (rather discontinued before it was) and classed as a Prohormone readily available to buy online – although there are warnings to the customer to ensure it is legal in the country you reside and not to be used by anyone subject to drug testing in sports.

After reading the article, the initial sympathy I did have for the promising young rugby player diminished pretty quickly – it doesn’t take too much brain power to establish that it really would not be a good idea to use this or at least be caught using this if you are a semi or professional sports player.


However, common sense or not, Prohormones are a very grey area with many being resurrected steroids from the 1960’s (or thereabouts) that do not appear on the banned list for many countries (the USA banned Prohormones and designer steroids from December 2014) and are experiencing a surge in popularity which was initially triggered by chemist Patrick Arnold and the media hysteria surrounding Baseball’s very own Mark McGwire and his bottle of Andro (androstendione) that was seen in his locker.

After some research into ProHormones I decided that I would like to try a cycle and opted for Epistane by Genetic Rebuild of the United Kingdom and the product was made in the UK too.

There are 90 capsules consisting 20mg of Epistane to be used over a 6 week cycle. I was taking 2 caps daily and wanted to report the effects as I progressed the course.

However, I have a job, long commute, commitments etc so in the end I just decided to recount anything I particularly noticed over the 6 weeks.

To give you an idea of my daily diet, lifestyle and current fitness see below:

amd-macback-jpgSo, I play amateur rugby union every Saturday and try to attend training which involves a bit of cardio at least every Thursday.

Commuting takes up a lot of my day so I do find it difficult to train as much as I would like or with as much consistency as I would like.

Therefore I try to weight train usually on a Monday and Friday although this can fluctuate due to work commitments which has stalled my progress a good number of times.

I also have a fairly active social life which involves a fair amount of weekend binge drinking and I tend to drink Guinness (mainly) and Jager bombs with the rugby lads.

When I binge I have a skinfull i.e shitfaced but this tends only to be either a Friday night or a Saturday night not both and I very rarely touch a drop of alcohol during the week.

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Genetic Rebuild - EpistaneMy diet is generally consistent which is 4 eggs on toast with a slice of Edam or Gouda cheese for breakfast, Mexican chilli rice with a can of tuna, cheese, poached egg and tabasco sauce for lunch and then meat for my evening meal.

I will occasionally have a snickers bar or snack on crackers with cheese or have protein weetbix.  Alternatively I will have oats in the evening before my drive home with a spoon full of chia seeds.

After training I have a ‘all-in-one’ protein shake, I will take about 10g of creatine daily and occasionally have an ‘all-in-one’ protein bar too or a RTD protein milk.

My current gym session generally consists of the big compound exercises and a few accessories such as stomach, bicep curls, triceps, calves and neck extension.

Epistane Effects

After 6 weeks I can honestly say I have not noticed or felt any negative effects (yet) from taking 40mg of Epistane daily.

Initially, I felt a strange sensation in my testicles, it was nothing unpleasant just a sensation that I couldn’t relate to anything else.

I took this as my body ‘shutting down’ (your testicles stop producing testosterone due to the additional that is being supplemented).

However, thus far and having now completed the course I saw no ill effects from this.

However, what was noticeable were a few other sudden changes.

  • I started to lift more weight.
  • I also had an amazing recovery time.
  • I saw a slight fat reduction.
  • I was more ‘focussed’

Epistanne Strength Gains

It took me a bit by surprise, it wasn’t anything particularly outstanding that we are all led to believe but I managed to edge myself over the wall I had hit with 140kg/308lbs bench press to 143kg/315lbs.

I edged myself back to my previous deadlifting PB that I managed when I was about 27 and as a result I am deadlifting 232.5kg/512lbs.

However, the most noticeable gain was in my military press, I jumped from 93kg/205lbs to 110kg/242lbs and could not stop pushing the weight…to detrimental effect.

Epistane Recovery Rate

After playing rugby on a Saturday it usually takes until Thursday for my body to stop aching, and lifting is not ideal – it takes some real motivation to get home at 8pm after work, eat and then start lifting big numbers.

On Epistane I was lifting happily on Monday…

Fat Levels

I noticed more visible abs and definition around my torso.

Increased Focus?

When lifting or playing rugby I was certainly in the ‘zone’.  Some may say this is a heightened level of aggression – maybe so but I am not a particularly aggressive person. Period.

Therefore, if you are known for being aggressive or have anger issues Epistane may well have an adverse effect on you.

A woman from the crowd of supporters did once shout “he’s on ‘roids!” but I just like smashing people so I took it with a pinch of salt.

My Final Thoughts

I am certainly glad I did the course and experienced Epistane.  However, whilst I did not notice any direct ill effects from Epistane there are a few reasons why I won’t take it again.

Unfortunately with my new found strength and focus came new found enthusiasm which although my muscles were enjoying, my joints and tendons weren’t.

In the end I have now got tendonitis in my rotator cuff on the left shoulder which really hurts as a result this has stalled any further progress on the good work achieved.

Whilst I did not become aggressive and kill any children (as many people would have you

The local paper catching my 'focussed' face.

believe if you take steroids) I definitely was ensuring my opposite number on the rugby field knew of my presence and I think this could translate for a minority as increased aggression. That is not something I condone.

Whilst I have not had my liver tested, it is widely accepted that oral steroids place a strain on your liver.

It is known that your liver is a very resilient organ but why punish it consistently? This leads me on to my next bit…

My lifestyle consists of not only working, lifting, writing, playing rugby but includes drinking alcohol and socializing.

Readers may wonder what kind of person I am writing about lifting, training etc if I cannot even resist booze.

Well, I am just an average guy who has a really strong interest in lifting.  I am not here to break records or cut down to be a competitive bodybuilder.

I am here to achieve as much as I can without sacrificing too many other aspects of my life.  I probably represent the majority of readers.

So for me I will be using TestoFuel for my Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) as that has the most effective testosterone boosting ingredients and will continue to use it alongside creatine and protein…as well as the occasional 10 pint session of Guinness!

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