Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review

Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review

 One of the most important criteria when looking to chose a supplement is transparency.

Transparency gives us a glimpse in to the product; the dose, the safety and the effectiveness.

Therefore, it concerns me that Alpha Lean – 7 comes with a hidden proprietary blend and a low overall dose.

My Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner First Look

When it comes to looking shredded and burning fat we want the best products on the market.

I want to be alpha. Who doesn’t?

Being Alpha is like a silver back gorilla. 400lbs and 6 feet of aggressive, hulking muscle.

Obviously we want others to see this muscle, too. And to accentuate muscle and size we need to be shredded.

Being shredded gives off the illusion that you are bigger.

I mean, look at the example of Lee Priest or Franco Columbu. Both are big guys.

However, Lee is 5’4″ and Franco just 5’5″.

But, because they are so defined and cut their masculine and mesomorph body shape makes them look much bigger than what they are.

franco columbu and arnold Schwarzenegger

So will Alpha-7 Lean help me burn fat so that my muscles look more defined and create the illusion that I am bigger?

Also by being alpha obviously means that you are dressed in a special forces style fireproof jumpsuit and wear a gas mask and that you are a gnarly looking woman with a great rig.

I can only imagine that because they are the images on the website for this fat burner…

We’re assured that this product is a body fat blow torch and that only experienced users should take these pills.

I see all of this as silly marketing bumf, because that is what it is.

The bottle is black, like so many fat burners but the labeling is quite eye catching and the website does look swish.

However, I am more concerned with results of the product rather than looking at a pretty website.

Can this supplement actually help me increase my calorie expenditure just enough to take me over the edge?

Can it help a natural bodybuilder lose those last bits of stubborn fat around the lower back or waist?

Let’s see if the product lives up to the claims.

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About Alpha Lean-7

Alpha Lean 7 is a fat burner brought to us by Hardrock Supplements.

However, trying to dig about and find any information regarding Hard Rock Supplements is trying to unearth valuable Christian relics. There’s nothing available.

We are told that these products have been created for the the experienced and hardcore fitness enthusiast.

‘Created for only the most experienced fitness warriors.’

That leaves a lot of people out in the shade then…myself included.

Alpha Lean-7 Claims

Do want to incinerate fat levels?

Prevent hunger pangs?

Do you want improved energy and focus levels?

Do you want a supplement that is sinister to do all of this, but safely?

According to Hardrock Supplements their Alpha Lean-7 fat burner can do all of that.

Therefore, we’re going to run through all of these ingredients to see just how well it can perform.

Alpha-7 Ingredients: The Science

There’s a good number of ingredients here which is always promising, let’s see what the science says…

alpha lean 7 ingredients

– Rauwolfia vomitoria (Rauwolscine)

This is similar to yohimbe, but not quite the same as there’s slightly altered properties.

However, its actions are similar to yohimbe regardless of the altered properties.

Instead of burning fat or inducing calorie burn it helps prevent the additional build up of fat mass. [1] [2]

– L-carnitine

There’s a lot of theory behind the benefits of L-Carntiine.

This particular compound is said to be able to help reduce fatigue and cognitive failure while also having an ability to improve the health of blood vessels.

There’s also supposed fat burning benefits to L-carnitine, however, the theory doesn’t entirely stack up with the science.

Unfortunately the practical examinations do not correlate with the anecdotes, but one thing to note is that L-carnitine can increase energy which can then translate to more exercise with the end result being more calories burned.

Not quite thermogenic activity but a benefit non-the less. [3]

– Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the worlds most used substances. Billions of cups of coffee are drank daily around the world.

But, it also has more benefits to just getting your head straight in the morning.

Science shows that it can improve endurance, cognitive function and focus.

Further studies demonstrate that Caffeine also raises the metabolism which means you burn more calories.

Some studies show that it can curb soreness after exercise, too.

This means you could get back to your training sooner and training means more calories burnt. [4]

– Betaine (trimethylglycine)

Betaine has an ability to hydrate cells and significantly reduce homocysteine levels which can lower the chance of heart disease or heart attack – but this needs to be at levels of at least 3g per day.

There’s also theory that betaine can improve physical performance, however, trials have not been entirely conclusive nor reliable.

Another point of concern is that any positive results found from studies and trials have been funded by a company that produces betaine.

Furthermore, there seems to be no differences made to fat mass levels when supplemented.

Overall, it seems the positive effects are widely different from person to person and whether any studies are funded by concerned companies. [5]

– DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine)

DMAE is a molecule that is used to improve cognitive health.

However, there’s barely been any studies on the subject, and while it is ‘known’ to help prevent the decline of cognitive function the actual studies are thin and not conclusive.

Even with a study whereby DMAE was supplemented for 6 months in a high dose of over 1g saw no improvement. [6]

– Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelion may be great for rabbits, but to include it within a fat burner would not be particularly beneficial according to the science.

At best it could help you lose water weight because it can act as a diuretic. This means it makes you urinate more often.

But do remember that losing water weight is not a safe way to trigger weight loss. Plus the weight will return by just drinking more fluids. [7]

– Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits, but one of those is fat loss.

Part of this is down to caffeine that is found within green tea plus the catechins.

However, do not just see it as a fat burner.

It does have physical performance and mood enhancing effects. [8]

– Phenethylamine (Eria Jarensis Extract)

This has been knockoing around the bodybuilding circuit with promises of replicating the benefits of ephedrine but without the safety concerns that lead it to being a banned ingredient.

However, much of the rhetoric surrounding eria jarensis is more concerned about making sales rather than providing proof of its effectiveness. [9]

– Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus is one of those ingredients that are lauded widely, so everyone believes the hype.

It is used as a pain relief particularly for athletes suffering with joint issues.

However, the science just does not stack up.

Nor does it seem effective as a fat burner, although this could be to do with irregularities between studies.

Overall, it cannot been seen, at present, as a reliable method to reduce fat mass. [10]

– Theophylline

Theophylline is prescribed to asthma sufferers because it dilates the airways and helps people breathe.

This can be especially useful for people engaging in high intensity exercise.

However, for best effects it needs to be used regularly and not as a quick fix for sudden breathlessness after a bout of physical training. [11]

How to take Alpha Lean 7

The advice is to take up to 2 pills daily.

This provides a less than sufficient 1350mg per day.

We prefer a dose of 4 pills per day to be taken separately at equal intervals.

This means your body can work with the ingredients throughout the day to keep having an effect on the body.


On a positive note Green tea and Caffeine is found in Instant Knockout, which is our favorite fat burner.

This is because they both have thermogenic qualities which raises body temperature, in turn burning more calories.

They also help muscle recovery which can help you get back to the gym or on the field quicker therefore increasing training frequency.

There’s also rauwolfia vomitoria which can help prevent continued fat mass build up rather than burn fat directly.

It almost helps regulate fat levels.

Overall there are only 3 effective and beneficial ingredients to help regulate or burn fat levels.

I think it is fair to also mention any other benefits that this fat burner supplement can bring.

So let’s take a look at theophylline and carnitine.

Theophylline can help open up the airways which would aid exercise by increasing oxygen supplies and carnitine can increase energy levels.

This increase of energy could help you work harder in the gym or at least do some additional exercise.




There’s a lot of problems with this fat burner, and it should not be held in such high regard.

In fact, it is probably best avoided.

DMAE has very little proof that it will offer any cognitive health benefits. More over, it does seem to be dangerous for females looking to conceive.

Betaine may have performance benefits, but only in much higher doses that offered here, this is the same for any cardiovascular protective properties.

It is simply offered in a dose too low to have any positive effect.

Cissus appears to have more to say about itself than hard evidence. Much like Tribulus does. There’s no scientific body of proof to state that it actually beholds much benefit.

Yet, when we look at it closely there’s a much higher risk of other issues associated.

Dandelion which is so often the choice of rabbits everywhere doesn’t really seem to offer any proven fat loss benefit at all.

Eria Jarensis is at least legal, but it does not offer any real, established nor proven benefit.

Theophylline is used for asthma sufferers.

As such this is a prescribed medication and while it can have benefits, there are possible unwanted side effects that the medical practitioners have deemed worthwhile risks for the drug benefit.

So what we have here is a low dosed as well as an unclear dose per ingredient supplement that includes a high number of unproven ingredients.

That’s poor value. That is 50% of this product being useless.

Could you imagine if you were thrown out of your plane after 50% of the journey?

Or only 50% of your dry suit was keeping you dry? You’d be pretty pissed.

So why buy a product with only 50% of it being beneficial?

Let us also now consider that this is also a proprietary blend…

That means while we know there’s a total of 675mg per pill across 11 ingredients we are not sure of the actual breakdown per ingredient.

We’re not sure if we’re offered just trace amounts of each and the rest being a bulking agent.

Proprietary blends are the biggest scam in the supplement industry, avoid products with them.

The issue is that proprietary blends are legal.

Any unwanted side effects?

Theophylline may cause vomiting, stomach pains, sleeping issues and diarrhoea.

Cissus Quadrangularis may lower blood sugar levels. This could have a negative effect on people with diabetes.

Dandelion may cause irritation as some people could be allergic to it.

My Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review Conclusion

While there are 3 good, well regarded and effective fat burning ingredients present.

These are as follows:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Green Tea
  3. Rauwolfia vomitoria

However, this goodness is then marred by the proprietary blend…which is poor form.

There’s two more ingredients that can help with physical performance to help burn more calories but they do not reduce fat mass.

Yet, the biggest issue is a further 6 ingredients that offer no proven fat mass or calorie burning benefits.

Plus there’s a number of unwanted side effects.

So, when combined with the proprietary blend means we are faced with a fat burner that is not a good performer or one to be trusted in the first place.

Final Thoughts?

There’s a lot of potential unwanted side effects which mares the overall benefits.

However, even those are few and far between compared to other fat burners.

I know this is a popular supplement, but the science does not stack up. Do not chose marketing techniques over scientific studies.














> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals

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11 thoughts on “Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review

  1. I am using Alpha Lean -7, I have used fat burners before and found some good some bad. I found this product really good, but I am only taking one pill a day – If I took any more I would be wired and running around every block in the city like a crazied nut. It’s a strong product seeing great results and curbs my appetite all day and gives awesome energy. One pill a day in the morning works great for me.

    Rating: 5
    1. I didn’t feel great taking supplements including Yohimbe. Especially when I was playing rugby. It made me feel like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

  2. I just receive a bottle of the Alpha Lean 7….1 pill in the morning kinda made me jittery. I currently take medication to control my Blood Pressure. Do you know if this product will affect blood pressure

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Yes, this product contains Yohimbe.

      Yohimbe is a stimulant and raises the blood pressure; causes rapid heart rate, headaches, seizures, liver and kidney problems, heart problems, panic attacks, possible death

      Yohimbe is also banned in a number of different countries due to these numerous possible adverse side effects.

      Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear, however, please tread carefully if you wish to continue taking this fat burner or any that contain yohimbe.

      Best wishes, Ben.

  3. Alpha lean 7 and C4 pre workout explosive energy. Can I use C4 while using alpha lean 7? I like it. It curves my appetite. Currently only taking one pill in the am around 7 and 1 at noonish.

    Rating: 4
    1. Hi,

      Yes you can use both. Just remember that both supplements contain caffeine so be careful that you do not take one supplement and then the other immediately afterwards.

      I am glad that Alpha Lean works for you. There are better products available that you may wish to consider, half of the ingredients contained in Alpha Lean are not proven to offer any weight loss benefit.


  4. This is my first time taking fat burner product which is alpha lean-7.
    It’s been two days taking this product. I took twice a day one pill at a time….
    however, I feel dizziness that I never experienced before I take this product…
    should I stop taking it or what should I do?

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      If you don’t like the feeling it is creating I would always stop just to be on the safe side. It may be that you are just not used to any potential stimulants.
      However, if anything ever makes you feel ill or uneasy it is always safer to stop.


    2. Please also see the response regarding the inclusion of Yohimbe which can be potentially dangerous and cause adverse affects regarding blood pressure etc.

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