Fighters Core Fat Burner Review

Fighters Core Fat Burner Review

Natural and legal fat burner products have always been popular when used correctly and any product with a good nutrient profile can help your body ‘burn’ that extra 100 or so calories per day, this can help you achieve your fat loss goals.


Fighters Core First Look

This is aimed at the male market, with its red and black color scheme along with images of biceps, six-packs, and men working out. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, guys have always wanted to look more shredded and fit. A way to look more dominant and increase that ‘alpha’ status.

We can also see that by taking a hard look at the product bottle, brand named ingredients have been included such as Teacrine, Capsimax, and Bioperine. This provides additional confidence that it isn’t a product hastily formulated without care or attention.

Fighters Core also looks to e associating itself with those who are engaged in ‘functional fitness’, this is a regime that employs all of the muscle groups, it is about creating a useable physique with long term health benefits. While bodybuilding will never go out of fashion, the idea that people want to test themselves against grueling regimes such as tire flipping, assault courses, loaded marches, and farmer’s walks is very much en vogue.

It’s about testing your limits, both physically and mentally, furthermore, in light of the global pandemic with gyms closing or the possibility of training inside drying up, more people have been forced outdoors and to challenge their bodies in new ways that don’t involve sitting at a bicep curl machine in a climate-controlled building.

This supplement fits in well with that grueling image of having a fighter’s physique, one that is useful and functional to assist in everyday life and not just to look good.

After all, this product is about losing the fat but maintaining that all-important and hard-won muscle.

 Product Summary: This is a great option for those looking to metabolism fat coupled with a grueling training regime.

Who is behind Fighters Core?

This is the same company that brought Shred CBD to the market, called PFX Labs. They have a wealth of experience and have helped many people from around the world utilize the benefits of a natural and legal CBD product. They’re based in the UK but actually have their products manufactured and shipped from the US.

Their products are always produced to the highest quality in cGMP and FDA approved facilities whilst using only natural and safe ingredients free of any contaminants.


fighters core ingredients

Let’s get to the good stuff, and what makes this supplement a great option to help lose those stubborn areas of fat.

HMB (AKA, Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate)

You may have already seen HMB included in other products, or just by itself. If you know a bit about it, you may wonder why it is included in a fat burner supplement.

However, if you are in a period of a calorie deficit you run the risk of losing your muscle through the process of catabolism, this means protein breakdown and ultimately muscle loss. HMB increases protein synthesis and prevents muscle protein breakdown. [1]

Including HMB is about trying to offset muscle losses that are associated with a reduced-calorie intake yet maintaining an intensive training regime.


One problem you may face when working out is the urge to eat a lot more, and frequent eating often means snacking on convenience foods that tend to be high calorie yet low in nutrition. These can be great for quick-fix energy solutions, but overall will be detrimental to your physique and even health.

Chromium is reported to help reduce food cravings and food intake, which is what is required when you are working through a calorie deficit. [2]

Remember, if you intake more calories than you burn, you will gain unwanted fat. Furthermore, studies have also associated chromium intake with a reduction in binge eating and depression – very important to consider when people are staying indoors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. [3]


One study involving overweight men that lasted for 3 months saw that they lost body fat whilst maintaining body weight. [4] This is a sign that they have increased lean muscle mass.

Fat loss is stimulated by forskolin activating the release of stored fat reserves to be used as energy. [5]

Green Tea

Most people will have heard of green tea, or even have heard it being mentioned in the same sentence with fat loss. And, for good reason, it is so widely popular because there’s good evidence that it stimulates fat burn during rest and exercise. [6]

Furthermore, a study saw that green tea was particularly effective at reducing visceral body fat. [7] This is key because visceral fat is linked to heart disease, cancers, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. [8]

If you are not sure what visceral fat is, it is found beneath the stomach muscle area and surrounds the organs.

Theacrine (TEACRINE)

Research into theacrine has shown that it can alter feelings of energy and mood, particularly when compared to caffeine and placebo. [9] Furthermore, when theacrine is combined with caffeine it would seem that it has a positive effect on endurance and cognitive function, this is great for continuing with your exercise regime. [10]

More importantly, theacrine is considered safe up to 300mg daily. [11]

Caffeine Anhydrous

Ever wondered why coffee and tea are so popular around the world? It’s because of the effect caffeine has on the central nervous system which makes you feel more awake and delays fatigue. However, the Sleep Foundation notes that this stimulant effect is only temporary. [12]

In terms of sports performance, caffeine has demonstrated benefits to help improve strength, power, reaction times, and endurance. [13]

Further to this, studies show there’s additional fat loss when combined with aerobic exercise. [14]

Capsicum (CAPSIMAX)

This is more commonly known as cayenne pepper. Just like the jar of powder you can buy in your local supermarket, but I wouldn’t advise taking a spoonful daily.

But, what makes it so effective at burning fat?

Well, you may not be surprised to learn that it increases your body temperature. this is known as a thermogenic effect. This increases calorie burn (or your resting metabolic rate – RMR) as your body tries to regulate this increase of heat. [15]

It has been noted that over time, this increase of RMR due to thermogenic ingredients can lead to increased energy use and when combined with a calorie deficit, it can reduce fat mass. This is why is lauded for being a possible treatment for obesity and other metabolic health parameters. [16]

Black Pepper (BioPerine)

Animal studies have demonstrated that supplementation of Bioperine may reduce fat levels with no negative side effects. [17]

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported in 2012 that piperine (a constituent of black pepper) can block the formation of new fat cells. [18]

How to take Fighters Core

Each bottle provides a 30 day supply which will be shipped fast and free to your door!

A daily dose consists of 3 capsules. Take one along with each main meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Daily Dose

Each daily dose is 914.5mg. This is spread between 3 veggie capsules.

Fighters Core Price

A single bottle order is US$49 the online store gives you the option to pay in multiple currencies.

However, if you buy multiple bottles, the unit price is reduced. Buy big, and save!


You’ll not find it cheaper anywhere else except their own website.

Unless of course, you buy more bottles. For instance, if you buy 2 bottles there’s an automatic 10% discount and a 15% discount for 3 bottles.

Stump up the cash for 4 bottles and you’ll get one free!

Multiple bottle orders also include a FREE guidebook to help you burn fat and maintain muscle.


It is always good to see a supplement that includes a wealth of effective ingredients that are natural and safe.

Not only that, this may be the first or some of the few fat burner products that are formulated with the aim to protect muscle gains and prevent catabolism.

Unlike some other fat burners on the market, this is low on stimulants.

Too many stims can leave you feeling jittery, wired, and unable to focus. You’ll be able to run around a pitch or field, but when it comes to bedtime you may find it difficult to sleep, and sleep is important for recovery and, there’s a link between lack of sleep and obesity. [19]

In terms of cost, Fighters Core is well priced, especially considering shipping is included.

Furthermore, this product uses a vegetable capsule rather than gelatin, the formula is transparent and backed by scientific evidence.

Multiple bottle orders receive a free guidebook pointing you in the right direction to help you build muscle and lose fat through diet and exercise. Multiple bottle orders also get discounts.


A lot of people will expect to buy everything on Amazon, I can see the appeal in this, however, there are many unregulated and cloned supplements on Amazon. On the other hand, this isn’t available on Amazon, but it is directly from the manufacturer – this means you are getting a genuine product.

There isn’t a money-back guarantee.

Some other supplements have more ingredients and a higher dose.

Other issues?

At present, you can only pay in US dollars.

Unwanted Side Effects

If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, this may not be unsuitable.

Otherwise, this is a good option, and it does offer fewer stims than some other products. Side effects should be minimal.

Obviously, if you are unsure, check with a medical professional before taking it.


Fighters Core is new to the market, but it already has some great feedback.

fighters core testimonial














Not only that…

Generation Iron has been awarded the best fat burner of 2020!

fighter core generation iron award








Fighters Core Conclusion

It’s great to see a newcomer to the market that offers a transparent and effective blend of science-backed ingredients for a great price.

There are very few side effects, and this fat burner also looks to help create a calorie deficit whilst maintaining muscle mass, this will help you stay strong and keep your performance whilst losing that wasted mass.

A great supplement that we cannot recommend enough.























> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals

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