American Metabolix Muscle Test Testosterone Booster Review

American Metabolix Muscle Test Testosterone Booster Review

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First Look:

I like the look of this, not sure if it is just the simple black and white color scheme or not but overall it has purpose and looks like something that will get the job done with no fuss.

Take a look at our Top 3 boosters for something effective.




Tribulus – Once again, the old tribulus raises its ugly head.  The problem is that because this has been touted about for so long as a bit of a miracle plant extract used by the mysterious Eastern Bloc Olympic Athletes during the Cold War people have started to believe the hype and it is an easily recognizable ingredient the ill informed will have heard about down the gym.  The issue is that it has not been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels in any shape or form.

Avoid like a medieval plague if you are looking for muscular gainz.

Bulbine Natalensis – A herb from Africa, this increases testosterone, however, it is also as toxic as a steroid cycle. 650mg needs to be taken to be effective.

Ashwaganda – Studies have shown that treatment with Ashwagandha root extract resulted in a higher level of testosterone and a concomitant increase in serum levels of LH among infertile men having sub-optimal testosterone levels. It’s difficult to see if the same result would be found with guys who do not have any fertility issues. So the question is, are you infertile? If you’ve been banging your missus (or even your mistress, we shouldn’t be even talking if you have smashed your sister) unprotected and have miraculously not had a sprog you probably are infertile…sorry to break that to you, bro.

Tongkat Ali – Eurycoma (LongJack) is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent. However, there is a lack of evidence for testosterone boosting in humans, although some very limited evidence in animals.

L-Dopa (Macuna Pruriens) – This is actually good for treating people with Parkinsons. There’s a mixed bag of results for testosterone but look mainly positive. Results have shown an increase in testosterone levels in infertile men, however, results are very limited for fertile men. It is effective to reduce cortisol levels – high stress levels can harm testosterone production.

Cordyceps – Evidence on tested rats to suggest this is a testosterone regulator rather than provide increases, however, only when injected as it has poor bio-availability.

Reishi Mushroom – Used for many things and it has no evidence backing any of the uses. Useless then.

Fadogia Agrestis – Could be toxic and has no human studies to back up any claims.

Avena Sativa (Oat) – This is a type of oat that has been seen to raise luteinzing hormones in the body, which are a precursor to testosterone and growth hormone. Not a great deal of real, heavy evidence if anything at all but the hallmarks of something good are there. A bit of a gamble. In plenty of T-Boosters that do not work.

Nettle – Good for reducing inflammation and an enlarged prostate but has no effect on testosterone.

Indole-3-carbinol – This is a negative regulator of estrogen.

Narigin – Shown to be anti-inflammatory which can reduce obesity and reduce blood pressure.

Agaricus Bisporus – White button mushrooms to you and me, these are seen to be a aromatase inhibitor, therefore they reduce the production of estrogen which can maintain a higher testosterone level. If a man suffers from too much estrogen they can get bitch tits – puffy nipples.

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) – At present, Citrus aurantium may be the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra. However, more studies are needed to establish this definitively.

Rhodiola rosea – Can protect against cognitive deficits, neuronal injury and oxidative stress, can also be used as a potential agent in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. This is found in our favorite Nootropic.

Green Tea – well known to have many powerful health benefits. Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat. One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese. Some researchers think that substances in green tea known as catechins are responsible for the herb’s fat-burning effect. Green tea extract is found in many a good fat burning supplement.

3,3′-Diindolylmethane (DIM) – A compound derived from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. DIM can prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Emblica Officinalis (Amla) – There is not enough evidence to recommend Amla for any particular purpose, it appears to possess a wide spectrum of potential benefits that require further research and may contribute to general well being and longevity.

Safed Musli Extract – There is limited evidence for the claims that this raises testosterone levels but in recent testing, a dose of 500mg for 12 weeks increased semen count significantly, there was a slight raise in testosterone but not by a great deal. Unfortunately this product contains 250mg.

Pygeum Bark – Pygeum contains chemicals that help shrink the prostate to relieve urinary problems such as poor urine flow and nighttime urination in men with enlarged prostates.

Deer Velvet Antler – generally derived from deer antlers, its use comes from ancient Chinese medical practices. It doesn’t appear to affect hormone production in humans.

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There is a 6 pill per day recommended dose although we are instructed to take them in 2 sittings. We prefer 4 pills spread across the day to evenly spread the nutrients out and prevent massive peaks and troughs. 4 pills are the doses of our benchmark products. A daily serving is 3174mg.


There really is a lack of good, quality and proven ingredients. We are teased with items such as DIM and Green Tea but overall just battered with a the harsh spade of desperation and disappointment. Considering the sheer size of the ingredient profile it is almost astonishing to see how they could get it so wrong and miss so many chances.

There’s no Zinc, B12, B6, D3, K2, Fenugreek, Magnesium, D-Aspartic Acid…


All of the ingredients fall within a proprietary blend. A proprietary blend essentially hides the exact amount of each ingredient.

And, even at just a mere glance, I can tell you there is none of the basic ingredients present that make up the foundations of a good testosterone booster, there isn’t even the foundation of a ZMA supplement!

It is worth reiterating that in our top 3 rated testosterone boosters they have around 8 solid ingredients which all have proof backing their usefulness and it is the same with fat burner’s too.

At $79.99 there are products which are so much better for a quarter of the price.


It’s just full of shit, up to the brim.  Plenty of useless ingredients, a few traces that can be beneficial but overall missing the real key components and lacking any foundation or depth.

Expensive for what is essentially a few pills of nature’s dust.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.



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