Australian Government Is Now Recommending Citizens Do Weight Training

Australian Government Is Now Recommending Citizens Do Weight Training

After a study found that most Aussie’s do not partake in weight training or strength related exercise it now seems that the government want to reverse this trend.

What was previously encouraged was the norm of brisk walking, jogging, cycling or other cardio based activities, however, with the many benefits of strength training becoming more apparent their view has changed and now Aussie’s are recommended to perform muscle strengthening exercises two days per week. This is to improve and maintain strength, size, power and endurance of skeletal muscles which decline as people age and activity wears off. Further studies also note that this sort of exercise helps reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, unwanted weight gain, heart disease, mental health problems and ultimately mortality.


As the population ages, the benefits of weight training also becomes more apparent enabling older adults to keep their physical functioning adequate, preventing or delaying frailty and falls, and thus maintaining independent living for longer.



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