The Easy Road To A Successful Bulk

The Easy Road To A Successful Bulk

The idea behind bulking is calorie surplus and this is by consuming more than you can burn off. However, instead of it turning to fat we need it to turn in to muscle. There are essentially two types of weight trainers; hard gainers and not.

If you are a hard gainer this means that you find it very hard to put on weight and your body has a fast metabolism which burns off all of the calories you’ve consumed easily. If you are a hard gainer this will mean eating shot loads of food which isn’t always as easy as you may think or wish for, you will roughly need 1/3 more protein, carbs and fats as a non-hard gainer.


Convenient, Clean Foods


It’s much more difficult to hit a good number of meals a day when eating as much as 3 times your normal daily calorie intake. Therefore, it is easy to jump on the fast food bandwagon without thinking and using ‘I’m bulking’ as an excuse. However, eating high calorie yet nutritionally weak fast food is not the solution, it can cause you to actually consume way more calories than you had planned without realizing because it never really fills you meaning you run the risk of getting fat and suffering from a host of issues such as diabetes. Try instead to each natural nut butters on wholemeal seeded bread, steaks, chicken, wholewheat pasta, oats and lots of egg whites. You will also be able to afford the odd ‘cheat’ meal but ensure that the quality is there, don’t opt for a low quality option just because it isn’t the healthy option.

Ensure Your Workouts Are Massive

big deadlift

You have to match your workout with your increased calorie intake otherwise it will just gain flab. Hit the big compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull-ups. It is these multi-joint exercises that stimulate testosterone; your very own growth hormone which will build more muscle and use those extra calories usefully.

Carbohydrate Ambitions

good carbs

Muscle recovery is one hardest things to overcome, especially as you age. To help with recovery don’t just think about protein, you will also require a good solid dose of healthy fats and carbs. Milk is a great source of all three, so a pint of flavored milk after training has been shown to be the best post workout recovery staple.¬†Ensure that you mix up your carbs, proteins and fats from different, high quality sources and this is true for everything you eat to ensure you are as healthy as big.

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