B Vitamins’ Power Against Cardiovascular Disease Induced By Air Pollution

B Vitamins’ Power Against Cardiovascular Disease Induced By Air Pollution

A groundbreaking recent study conducted by the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University has discovered that B vitamins can reduce the impact of fine particle pollution toward cardiovascular disease.

The results showed that those non-smokers and are deemed healthy looked to reverse any negative effects on their immune and cardiovascular systems.

The stats are equally impressive:

  • The heart rate saw the effects of air pollution reduced by 150%
  • The effects of air pollution to white blood cells saw a 139% reduction of its weakening effect
  • Lymphocyte also saw a reduction of the weakening effects brought on by air pollution by 106%

Columbia University were the first to conduct such a trial and to demonstrate whether Vitamin B supplements have the ability to alter the biologic and physiologic responses to ambient air pollution exposure.

The findings are particularly important because air pollution is behind 3.7 million global premature deaths mainly due to the negative effects on the cardiovascular system.

This trial, for the first time in history, demonstrates that B vitamin supplementation, can reduce the effects of air pollutants on cardiac dysfunction and reduce deaths.

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The study included participants who ranged from 18 – 16 year olds who were normally healthy, non smokers and were not on any medication or using any further supplements.

The participants received a placebo prior to the exposure of smog like effects.

Then they were administered B vitamins for 4 weeks as with the placebo and again exposed to air pollution.

There was also a controlled exposure to produce a baseline figure.

All of the exposure events were conducted under the exact same conditions over a year from January 2014 to February 2014.

The mere exposure of air pollution over just 2 hours produced significant physiologic effects on the heart rate, heart rate variability and the count of white blood cells.

The result showed that these effects were practically reversed with the supplementation of the B Vitamins.

With many mega-cities growing around the world these findings are an important step forward to help reduce air pollution aligned fatalities.

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