The Danish Say NO! Marriage Depletes Testosterone Levels // Bridal Gowns Go On Sale

The Danish Say NO! Marriage Depletes Testosterone Levels // Bridal Gowns Go On Sale

The Danes are a shrewd bunch it seems.

The word marriage in Danish can also mean poison.

Now, many people on their ¬†2nd, 3rd or even 7th spouse may agree. However, they may also be mentals…who would marry so often?

However, these gluttons for punishment…ahem…marriage may have some reasoning behind failed marriages and why they can not just keep a hold on them.

And it seems the Dutch have the reasoning too.


Yes, there’s science behind the Danes wisdom here.

Research conducted at the Rigshospitalet Hospital concludes that once a man is married he testosterone levels plummet in to the abyss.

The worse period for a man is once they are brought together in matrimony whereby they see the largest decrease in testosterone.

Bear in mind that testosterone is what makes a man a man. Many of his characteristics are defined by testosterone such as more muscle mass, less body fat, aggression, mood etc.

Once a man is then married to the ‘softer’ sex their body changes as they adapt to a different environment and way of life. Hormones actually acclimatize to their new setting.

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You may think I have gone off on a tangent here, but bear with me.

Scientists think that part of the problem lays within eye contact and caressing behavior brought on by feelings of love.

This is because this sort of behavior releases a hormone called oxytocin.

It is said that married men release more of this hormone than single men which has a negative impact on testosterone.

The exposure to female pheromones may also play a part too, notwithstanding a more caring stand point that is often not experienced so much as a single man.

The speculation is that this is all part of the evolutionary scale as men who marry will then naturally need to bring up and nurture a family.

So if you want to maintain those gainz you had better keep yourself away fro women and maintain a solid 12 hour per day gym presence otherwise you are doomed, bro.

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