What Is Best To Eat Before Exercise?

What Is Best To Eat Before Exercise?

Many people, like myself, have issues with eating the correct foods before working out. If I eat anything too soon before lifting weights or playing rugby my stomach is constantly churning and I feel like I cannot keep my food down.

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The key is the right type of food and enough time given prior to a game or training session for it to digest.

However, it may be the case that you do not require a meal anyway. If you are planning to exercise within 45 minutes from now and you have eaten a nutritious meal within the last 2 hours there isn’t a need to eat again.

However, if you haven’t yet eaten within a 2-hour time frame you may wish to find something, but you must make it appropriate to the planned exercise.

A rule of thumb is that the lower the intensity of planned exercise, the less calories required.


Walking: Try a pear and some cheese.

Yoga: To ensure you do not bloat while in one of the positions, try easily digesting carbs and protein 1 hour before your class. Something like white meat and low fat milk. This should come in at around 200 calories.

Strength training: You are aiming for around 250 calories. So you could try 1 cup Greek yogurt plus 1 medium banana. These muscle building proteins and energizing carbohydrates will aid recovery. Ensure that you eat these at least 30 minutes before lifting.

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Running/Intense Cardio: My personal peeve. I hate running, it is just a shame that rugby consists of about 80 minutes of running around a field so I guess I just have to deal with it. However, the heavier the foods, the more it will slow you down and slosh around in your stomach.

Try something like a wholemeal bagel plus almond butter for fast burning carbs to give you the energy you need. Eat no later than an hour before your run.

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