Your Brain Needs Physical Nourishment Too

Your Brain Needs Physical Nourishment Too

It is not enough to rely just on brain training or exercise for cognitive health improvements.


A new study by the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that the two different exercises impact the brain differently. However, both are utterly necessary for cognitive health and to slow the brain blood flow decrease experienced as we age.

The research illustrates that brain training assists and improves with our problem solving and planning, whereas physical training improves memory function.

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The study involved the participation of healthy adults as part of an aerobic exercise regime which showed an improvement in the immediate and delayed memory performance which wasn’t replicated in an alternative group who just trained their cognitive abilities.

The study is worthwhile and the results are invaluable to people who are now in their 20’s and over as we can start to see a decrease in the brain blood flow which is linked to neural health. Performing both sets of training ideas can see a reverse of the potentially decades worth of decline.

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