Broke? Need Big Gainz? What Do I Eat?

Broke? Need Big Gainz? What Do I Eat?

I have got to say, not too long ago I was in a loosely similar position is some respects to what Rich says in this video…

I’d got a mortgage with an ex-partner ans shit went tits up, I ended up taking the whole payments by myself, had to pay for fuel for my long commute, pay car tax insurance, bills etc which left me with a fairly strict budget for food so (and I still do this) I eat whole eggs for breakfast, a packet of cous cous with a tin of tuna with some cheese at lunch with just meat or maybe with peanut butter on wholemeal and seeded toast. It is all wholesome and cheap, infact since I’ve no longer bought my lunch from a shop or my breakfast I have reduced my BF and increased muscular size.

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A bit of hot sauce or spices and even bags of cheap stir fry vegetables can also alleviate menu fatigue.

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