Back Pain? Do This…

Back Pain? Do This…

For those people who suffer from back pain even simple tasks such as driving, sitting or walking can become insufferable. So the very notion that to improve your quality of life by up to 28% by incorporating full body strength training may seem mental, however, a study by researchers at the University of Alberta have found just that, notwithstanding the cognitive and overall mental well being improvements.


Predominantly back pain is from underutilized muscles or bad posture resulting from a weak core which also includes your abdominal muscles. Infact, stronger abdominal muscles can provide a greater spinal alignment.

It needs to be understood that the core is essentially the chassis and like in a pick-up it supports the entire weight of the body and anything else you wish or need to carry with you. Therefore, incorporating all-body strength training such as compound exercises encourages and provides a much stronger core for overall increases in balance and support. So, for the most benefit ensure your training program includes all of the compound lifts which targets the core muscles such as your back, legs, chest and shoulders.


Utilizing free weights such as a barbell for most of your exercises and it can be used for all of the compound exercises along with a squat rack and bench will much improve your balance and overall functional strength ion a way that machine isolation exercises cannot. However, if squats are not possible there is an excellent alternative, just do not use a Smith Machine.

Ensure before that you carry out any exercise that is new to you that you consult your doctor and a personal trainer who is specifically well rehearsed in using a barbell, obviously if there is pain stop immediately and try a different technique or change positions slightly until it suits.

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