Can Your Fingers Provide An Insight To Your Natural Athleticism?

Can Your Fingers Provide An Insight To Your Natural Athleticism?

Can the way our fingers are formed tell us whether or not we have natural athletic ability?

Researchers from the University of North Dakota have discovered that the ratio in size to the index finger and ring finger offer a closely related link to muscular strength in males.

This measurement is known as the ‘digit ratio’.

It is thought that if a man’s ring finger is longer than the index finger this is related to an early foetal development of testosterone.

Therefore, the longer the ring finger, the more testosterone.

This is backed up further by females displaying very similar ring and index finger lengths.

It is testosterone which is your bodies own naturally produce steroid hormone which is directly related to masculine characteristics such as muscle, hair, deep voice, aggression and even mood plus libido.

Clearly, with more aggression and muscle this can directly link to success in sport and overall athletic ability.

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Those with longer ring finger length also seem to have much stronger grip strength irrespective of size or age.

Furthermore, the digit ratio of athletes has been used to predict performance in events that require strength.

Since testosterone and muscle is related to good health, those with longer ring fingers tend to show good indicators of possessing overall good health and well being.

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