Sleep your way to more testosterone!

Sleep your way to more testosterone! - sleep for gainz – sleep for gainz

Recuperation from exercise requires adequate sleep. If you short change yourself of sleep, you’ll hamper your training progress.

Adequate sleep isn’t important just for recovery between workouts. In order to feel enthusiastic for exercise, you need to be well rested. A sluggish body leads to a sluggish desire for training.

If you find you need to be woken by an alarm clock and if you are a regular drinker of coffee, you’re almost certainly not getting enough quality sleep.

Recognize the importance of sleep – not only for your recuperation and training ability but for your overall health. Improve your sleeping habits and sleep a little more each night.

Having adequate sleep can help raise your natural testosterone levels, if that isn’t enough reason to get in the sack I don’t know what is!

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