Cognitive Behavior Predicts Who Will Be An Underage Drinker

Cognitive Behavior Predicts Who Will Be An Underage Drinker

It seems that the reasoning behind underage drinking is much more than rebellion or searching for that intoxication with friends; no, it is more to do with your demographic, brain features and cognitive functions that are present.


Underage drinking can lead to a milieu of issues such as violence, sexual assault, teen pregnancy and injuries. Drinking from an early age can also lead to drinking issues further down the line in to adulthood.

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A study in to cognition and behavior was conducted, the researchers found that they could predict with a 74% accuracy rate which underage youth would drink alcohol before they legally could do so.


The results of the study illustrate that there are several important predictors, it seems that a lower than expected standard achieved from tests on executive functioning such as planning, problem solving and reasoning in children between the ages of 12 and 14 would predict who would start drinking before the legal age.

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