Concussion And Cognitive Issues

Concussion And Cognitive Issues

A study by experts from the University of York (UK) have discovered that it is children and young people who suffer more from concussion and take much longer to recover than it was initially thought.


It seems that the usual 4 weeks off playing sport once it was realized that the child had suffered concussion is no way near long enough and it could actually be up to two years that is required. It was also discovered that the concussed child may also lose their previous skill or maintain their level of skill for up to 2 years compared to a child with no history of concussion.

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Current assessments do not factor whether the concussed person has regained their full range of abilities such as motor tasks which are imperative in skill-based activities such as sports. As their abilities have not been qualified they are usually allowed to play again which can make them more susceptible to further concussions.

Latest indications have found that people between the ages of 8 and 16 are at the most risk because they have not stopped developing and are more neurologically fragile than developed adults performing tasks and skill-sets that require cognitive motor function post concussion.


The findings indicate that those in the age group of eight and 16 are not only vulnerable to concussions, but because their brain is still developing, they are neurologically more fragile than adults for performing tasks that require cognitive motor integration following a concussion.

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The study included measuring the difficulties of 50 young people experiencing cognitive-motor integration with a history of concussion and then compared with 49 adolescents who had never been concussed.

The study revealed quite dramatically the problems those young people had completing the tasks given compared to those with no background of concussion.

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