Controlled Labs Green Might Pre Workout Review

Controlled Labs Green Might Pre Workout Review

Green Might Review

First Look

With a pre workout we want something from the supplement that is going to bring more to the table than just a cup of coffee.

We want a surge of energy, explosive power and increased focus to destroy our gym goals.

Especially if you have just come home after a long day at work or you are up bright and early sneaking a gym session in before your commute.

And hopefully this supplement from Controlled Labs will do that, however, to look at it, you probably just wouldn’t know.

It’s a fairly bland visual offering. A simple black label with a bit of spooky looking text.

Looks like the marketing team had a hangover on this particular day.

About Controlled Labs

Who are Controlled Labs and why should we trust them?

They very confidently say that they are the best bodybuilding store. And, to be fair they have lots of different products to sell.

By virtue, they could be the best just down to choice. Because there is a lot of choice.

Their website offers a 105% satisfaction guarantee, but we all know that 105% is impossible. Because per cent means per hundred. Any more than 100 is null and void.

Okay, I’m being a jack ass but actually their site doesn’t offer the typical story behind why they set up commercially.

This could mean that they have no background and Controlled Labs is nothing more than a money making business.A commercial enterprise.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Then again, who cares? If the supps work I’m happy.

Product Claims

Controlled Labs claims that their pre workout supplement will do the following:

  • Increased strength
  • More stamina
  • Extra focus

Green Might Price

$56.99 – this is very high!

Green Might Dose

One scoop provides 8930mg per dose.

That is not high, but considering the low number of individual ingredients the ratio is quite good.

There’s a large dose of creatine.


Green Might Ingredients: The Research

green might ingredients panel

– Creatine Monohydrate

Research states that there is no other form of creatine that is anymore effective that normal creatine monohydrate.

So don’t buy anything else with fancier names that costs more money.

But creatine is able to increase strength muscle size and can even increase testosterone levels in high doses. [1]

– Taurine

This amino sulfonic acid is found in many energy drinks.

This is best used at present for those who have suffered heart failure in the past.

Lots of current research happening regarding its effects for diabetes sufferers.

No real benefit from using it in a pre workout supplement. [2]

– Pomegranate

Claimed as superfood and there has been some positive evidence that it can help people with reoccurring prostate cancer as well as helping reduce artery plaque build up.

There’s evidence that it can help increase blood flow, too.

Overall these trials while positive are also a bit inconclusive. [3]

– Tart Cherry Extract

You can always tell when researching for a nutrient which has more promise than others.

If the first few pages of any search engine are not reputable sources, such as university studies or government research papers and are supposed ‘health’ sites with no references to any clinical trials or scientific research it’s usually a bit suspect.

This means people are trying to sell the virtues to make money.

This is the same with tart cherry. Lot’s of sites selling the virtues and very few sites offering scientific results.

So what we have are a mixed bag of results. Some stating that it reduces muscle soreness and increases physical performance others stating that it doesn’t.

Taking cherry extract will be healthy but do not expect a sudden improvement of your run times or a new weightlifting PB. [4]

– Cocoa

This may help with fat loss and overall weight management. This is due to its ability to improve insulin sensitivity.

A side effect of this appears to be a slight improvement of cognitive function when tested on elderly patients with slight cognitive impairment. [5]

Ingredients Summary

From this small number of ingredients you can see that any performance benefit is going to be quite limited.

The biggest impact is going to be a result of the creatine, but this is only effective when used continuously and in doses of about 5g or more daily.

That means that Green Might will have to be taken every day.

Taurine may help blood flow and cocoa may improve any fat loss goals plus slightly improve cognitive function.

Pomegranate looks to reduce artery plaque build up which is promising and cherry may reduce muscle soreness and may improve physical exercise performance.

However,there’s a lot of conclusive certainty about this.  That’s the main concern.

While nothing here looks to be detrimental to your health and can improve overall health it is not really going to significantly improve your workout sessions.


Green Might Side Effects

At worst, it is seen that pomegranate may lower blood pressure too much.

There’s a slight risk of the combination from the caffeine contained in cocoa and its reaction with taurine.

This is a minimal risk but there have been reports of deaths in Europe because athletes mixed taurine and caffeine, most likely in very high doses. This can lead to some cardiovascular concerns.

So always bear this in mind as you want minimal risk when you are training and placing your heart under stress and pressure.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains creatine
  • May improve cognitive health
  • Could improve blood flow and improve artery health
  • Muscle soreness could be reduced


  • Risk of caffeine and taurine
  • Lack of concrete conclusive evidence regarding many of the ingredient
  • Low number of ingredients

Green Might Video Review

Controlled Labs Geen Might Conclusion

On the whole this looks like a safe supplement to use without any huge safety concerns.

However, there’s very little certain benefit either.

With just five ingredients in total and nothing really to create a surge of power and energy this will be lacking.

There’s some health benefits with this pre workout but it is lacking many powerful ingredients that can help push your through your next set.

The science behind taurine is not particularly useful to have in this supplement and that does open us up to a bit of risk with the caffeine in cocoa but it also means that there is no strong dose of caffeine in this and that can help on many physical and mental levels.

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